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  1. 1995 Nissan 180sx - $15,000

    Make : NISSAN 180SX Transmission : Manual Kilometres : 87000 Price : $15,000 Condition : Used http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details...D-2208653/?Cr=8 he time has come to part with my beloved 180 as I am moving into the city and can't store it. I have owned this car for approx 6 years. It was purchased bone stock, I was the second owner in Australia. It has been my pride and joy and I have sunk many many hours and paycheques to build what I saw as the perfect 180. All mechanical modifications were performed by the following workshops Unigroup Engineering, Autosport Engineering, Ricol, East Coast Suspension. Car is in excellent condition and is very quick (240 RWKW), ready to tear up the streets or track. Just renewed rego until June 2014. --BODY-- Origin Streamline full kit Origin CF roof spoiler Roof and side mirrors sprayed black for two tone look Genuine Type X lights with blacked centre panel Genuine Type X Wing --INTERIOR-- Blitz ID3 Boost Controller with real time display and 3 pre programmed boost settings STRI A Pillar guages with Greddy pod Genuine Bride Low Max Carbon Fiber Drivers seat (Only 6 months old, 2.1K by itself) Genuine Bride Floor Matts (front and back) --ENGINE / DRIVETRAIN-- Xtreme Heavy Duty Clutch Splitfire Coilpacks Koyo 52mm Aluminium Radiator Nismo Thermostat Garret 2871R Turbo .64 housing Braided Lines Tomei 740cc Fuel Injectors Tomei Type A Valve Springs Tomei Poncams 256 deg 11.5 lift Nistune ECU (Tune by Unigroup Engineering) Z32 Air Flow Meter Blitz panel filter Blitz Blow off Valve Greddy strut braces front + rear Greddy Spec LS Front Mount Intercooler Walbro 500hp fuel pump Greddy oil cap Ricol 3" dump pipe GKtech stainless 3" exhaust --SUSPENSION / BRAKES / ROLLING STOCK-- Pedders Extreme Height Adjustable Coilovers Adjustable Castor Rods Powered By Max Rear Camber Arms Powered By Max Rear Toe Arms Whiteline Adjustable Sway Bars Front + Rear Custom ordered from Work Japan, Staggered 18" XD9's with Federal 595s. (18 x 10 + 18 Rear, 18 x 9 + 20 Front) R33 GTS-T Front Brake Upgrade DBA4000 brake rotors QFM A1RM brake pads
  2. Take the boost t out and unscrew and make sure the ballbearing and spring have not got jammed. Also count the number of turns so you an put it back to correct boost setting.
  3. Piston came out.. Help!

    Came in here hoping to see a pic of a piston hanging out the side of a block...I is dissapoint.
  4. http://www.speedhunters.com/2012/08/the-monoturbo/
  5. Looks like you have tried all the basics. With knock related issues you should probably just take your car back to your tuner. They will be able to diagnose easily on the dyno.
  6. Gtx2867 cam to suit?

    Poncams, Jesse Streeter.
  7. The white 180 that could

    I've got a matching (sort of) passenger seat for you http://nissansilvia....38;hl=&fromsearch=1 Also, I have fabric that matches your drivers seat so that you can make it match and make a glovebox and door trims. Note the seat left is the passenger one, the plain black one. Lol you fraker tryin to sell shiz in here. Would love a matching passenger seat but can't justify the dosh.
  8. The white 180 that could

    Big props to Craved Coatings for doing my cam cover.
  9. ^ Liar. She would decrease everyone's duration.
  10. Why are people so desperate to get stage 1 cams with 10.5 lift. The reason they are hard to find is because it's been dyno proven that 11.5 gives you better gains. SR's respond well to increased lift. Poncams / Procams and you can't lose.
  11. Stock Airbox Vs Pod

    Doesn't stop the pod from sucking in ambient engine bay heat. A fully sealed enclosure with cold air feed is always the best.
  12. Stock Airbox Vs Pod

    Running stock airbox with very similar mods and a small 1 inch hole cut in side of airbox with cold feed. 240rwkw.
  13. Seat for Short People

    What seat and rail you running now? Stock rail and seat in a 180 should be fine for a 155cm tall person. My gf could drive my 180 fine with the stock seat and shes around 160cm. Now running gias 2, but havn't had her try and drive with the new setup.