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  1. I just did the RB gearbox conversion on my car, I previously had 300kw on a rebuilt S14 gearbox and it's still going in the owner of the car I sold it too. I went for the Dellow kit, shifter sits in the factory position, no cutting needed, everything bolts up perfectly, though you need to have a custom made twin plate clutch. I also went with a brand new RB gearbox, rather than second hand or rebuilt.
  2. WTB rwd SR20DET gearbox (ADEL)

    I'll have a reconditioned S14 gearbox for sale within the coming weeks if you still need one? Located in NSW, but could post.
  3. I'm looking for a S15 digital climate control in excellent working condition. Will pay for postage if need be. Contact on here or sms 0411 086 883
  4. s15 parts for sale...and a s13/180sx LSD

    Hey man u got some pics of the bride seat and is it a copy or genuine?
  5. S15 Part out! (Interior, engine bay + misc bits)

    Do you still have the digital climate control bro?
  6. Pictures of S15 seats are now up; see here: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=2A68F7746024E584!28157&authkey=!AM6dLn61NrfwiT8&ithint=folder%2c
  7. The following parts have been sold: S15 genuine OEM brand new fog light surrounds with all bolts, clips etc - $200 Odyssey PC680 battery (used for about 1 year), good condition, paid $250 for it - sell for $110 Aeroflow chrome battery bracket to suit Odyssey battery - $60 ( paid twice as much) comes with all mounting bolts etc
  8. Yeah mate, I have a console lid. PM, SMS or call me.
  9. mega silvia sale plus recaros bride and more

    Do you have a S15 digital climate control, and the rubber stopper that sit on the bottom edges of the door, as well as the stoppers that sit on the inside of the boot on either side?
  10. Original post has been updated and a pair of S15 front seats has been added.
  11. Yeah man, they have been uploaded to my One Drive: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=2A68F7746024E584!21559&authkey=!AJbF4wkip62HsmA&ithint=folder%2c