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  1. The Ls14, It's rego time mofos..

    f**k yeah! So good!!
  2. Stefan's built s14 now with updates 26/10/14

    That's my old man that built your engine, nice power figure!
  3. kris's A31 Cefiro

    That video had me grinning and nodding, pure win!
  4. Kapowdrifts s14

    Pictures wouldn't go astray..
  5. Price : $500 Condition : Good 17x8 +32s 17x9 +37 good condition abit of rash nothing major though. Contact me on 0425734361 $500
  6. Project GTRB28 - Powertune Australia Built.

    All good and well to say this seeing as you's took home the trophy like something with massive slicks and a blower is going to do 1000+ km plus road trips, be real here
  7. Yet another terrible waste of a sweet s13. How is it a waste? Its just another V8 hating moron
  8. Satan.

  9. BENO'S RB26 SIL80

    Maybe put a thermo on the front side drawing air?? Might help abit..
  10. No shit, its a f**king laugh to read
  11. 1JZ Cefiro

    Wicked man!