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  1. EURO TRIP! who's been

    hey guys how is everyone. have a friend who invited me to tag along with him for a euro trip. now he and i both undecided on whether to go topdeck or contiki? now for me im looking to party, have fun and do some crazy activities like paragliding, skydivin etc while he is looking to have similar fun but generally he a bit more sedate and wants the balance of seein the culture and sights. i dont mind im pretty flexible but still im out to have a good time in this one off trip and i hear friends sometimes clash lol so figure if theres a bunch of fun people similar to me i can have fun with them. so with that in mind i hear the contiki group tend to be a bit more crazy n out partyin which is great while topdeck is a bit more sedate but people still go out and enjoy the nightlife. from everyones personal experiences which would you prefer?which have you done also the tour is about 24 days do you guys think thats too long?id prefer a 20 day trip since alot happens in that time but looking at the 24 day trip im happy to make the compromise since there are a few stop overs to recharge your batteries and continue the tour without feeling like death. http://www.topdeck.travel/europe-trips/euroclub-htce/spirit-of-europe is the topdeck tour mate is leaning towards.
  2. heys guy i need the help of all you mechanical guru's. story is iv owned my S15 for about 3 months and i always heard this whining noise from the car and i just thought the diff oil was on the way out. so last week i got the car serviced for the first time since iv owned it and changed all the oil(including diff to see if it would fix it). so after the service the mechanic tells me the problem isnt the diff oil but infact that my front left hand side wheel bearing was stuffed. i wasnt sure what that meant but he just explained thats what that whining noise was coming from. i was like ohh ok and didnt really ask to many questions about it he just said something about after your next tyre/wheel change to get it fixed. so basically the questions i have is what exactly does the wheel bearing do?where is it located?is it hard to fix?what is required to fix it?is it essential i get it fixed immediately or can the car run fine without it being changed and i just deal with the sound for the time being and get around to it later? i tried searching this stuff on ns but only could find old threads about people asking if the s15 bearings fit s13's or someone asking for product codes and same with google. any help to shed some light on this would be great as i wana know where i should place most of my attention(main issue with the car was apparently my oil pump seal maybe phooked as there seems to be an oil leak/oil grime build up though he said just to keep an eye out for it so im more worried about that than this bearing thing) thanks in advance.
  3. i did a euro tour as well for a bit over 4 weeks. i got travel insurance through student flights who directed me to covermore. i paid around the $150 mark which for a month long trip isn't to bad considering what they will cover you. I would suggest you do take out the insurance. For the price you pay you do get peace of mind. that also said a friend of mine got sick while on tour and went to a hospital. Cost him about $450 to get looked at and drugs given to him which he says was worth it(he fully recovered within a day and a half, no use being sick in europe for a few weeks and not enjoying yourself). He was able to recoup the majority of the costs so he was happy
  4. Insurance-so the hassles begin!

    im 22 aswell, S15 Spec S GT and only paying $1350 a year. rating one driver. agreed value of 24k
  5. Gym wankers

    metro guy walking around with a hat(as pictured below). i can understand people wearing a cap if they have long hair but seriously a styled hat in the gym....so fail. to top it off i saw him do 1 set of chest then walk around for 15 minutes talking on the phone and then get up one of the PT's for taking the weights off his bar when it looked as though it was empty and unused(he didnt have a towel to place on bench)
  6. Brokded Bones!

    they need the upper most screws to be that long so the thread of the screw is well past cortical bone. this is a common thing to surgeons to do particularly in your case. if you consider where your fractured bones are, where the majority of the screws are and where the position of the plate is located, they need a well "cemented" upper screw to not put tension on the plate(and inveriably the alignment of your leg) in a weird way. Also at a guess the surgeon who did this i recon was a registrar and not very experienced cause the alignment of your leg isnt the best for the injury you got. from my experience definately pay for what you get. pay top dollar for a orthopeadic surgeon/consultant to do work.
  7. Home Loans!

    hey ns gang, As we all know the current housing market is on a low so its been suggested that now is a good time to get into the property market. im looking to purchase an investment property, got a deposit all sorted just need to find a bank that offers the best deal. The market is quiet competitive in that banks really do want our business and sometimes approaching their investment brokers/lenders/home loan specialist you seem to get alot of BS from them trying to "hard sell" you there products without being competitive in any sense with a better deal/offer/interest rate. So im after all you ns people who have already purchased a home/in the market for a home/know about home loans to help a brother out. Basically what im after is who have you found(bank) to offer the best competitive home loan, by which i mean best interest rate, annual fee's waived, special offers, these added "schemes" where you pay X amount and get a discount rate etc. Having gone through most of the big name banks' offers its hard to gauge what the bottom line best offer is when theres so many options. help a brother out in a time of confusion. any help would be greats
  8. Home Loans!

    seems that 6.33-6.5% seems to be the ball park figure of fixed interest rates from a few banks/lenders iv seen so far. indeed. just as an idea, first property is entirely as an investment to get my foot in the door and build some equity for future purchases. in terms of cash flow i have no issues, i have a steady income with the capacity to earn more, work for the government so i can get concessions with 'salary sacrifice' to reduce taxable income but still be in a high enough tax bracket to adopt negative gearing, etc with everything. i dont intend on living in it so its purely investment. i have 0 debt, no credit cards no nothing, only a HECS debt but i dont think you can count that. also helps i live at home lol and have literally no expenses, only phone bill, petrol and food haha
  9. Home Loans!

    20% plus legals but maybe 3-4% buffer but yes.
  10. Guess the location game - Part 2

    amsterdam, netherlands?
  11. Ghost-Mobile

    if im not mistaken there seems to be a gold tac stuck in the sidewall of your rear left tyre
  12. NBA Lockout

    iv been following the nba and its lockout aswell since it began. I think whats forgotten here that the players asssociation isnt being greedy at all but rather looking out for the small guys and senior players. The players association are more concerned about the guranteed contracts that offer the veteran players a set minimum pay, these include those exception rules like the early bird, bird exemptions, veterans wages etc. Also for teams that develop players from rookie season to offer a better contract extension once their current contract expires which again is a nba exemption rule. the owners are argueing that player salaries are going through the roof but in my opinion the onus is on the OWNERS to make the decision on how much they should pay a player and how much they are worth. take a team like atlanta hawks who offered joe johnson(who in the scheme of players in the league isnt the BEST player around avg like 20ppg) a max contract of $120 million or orlando magic giving rashard lewis or even washington gilbert arenas max contract deals who end up being a bust. IT was the owners decision to offer these guys those deals not the players. fair enough if i was a owner to offer those to players like kobe, lebron, wade, dwight howard, rose etc because these are QUALITY players who bring in big revenue for the teams in ticket and merchandise sales. The owners;particularly the smaller town teams are fighting for a more even spread in talent pool and revenue sharing to make it a more competitive league(in the case of a small town teams salary being 1/2 of that of someone like the lakers who pay almost $90 mill in luxury tax) but the owners knew that before buying a team. the lower ranked teams have also been gifted with alot more higher draft picks in recent years ie washington/minnesota/sacremento but still arent becoming competitive at there own fault. take a team like cleveland who were basically bottom feeders and resurrected to a top team by a number 1 draft player. SO really the players have offered a 54ish 46 split in revenue and other considerations but its the owners who really are being greedy and arent being open to negotiations. i dont see why the last CBA had any issues and they cant "tweak" that and get the season going. who knows
  13. hey guys i bought a pair of work cr kai's 18x 8.5 offset +37 for cheap to go on the front of my s15 with stock suspension. i did a trial fit of the rim and seemingly have about 5mm of clearance to the strut(needs a wheel alignment asap, fronts seem to have uneven amounts of camber compared to when i first bought it). the guy i bought the rim off suggested i get 225/40/R18 and im not sure how much a stretch that is on the tyre. im looking at getting some kumho ku31's and tempe tyres have them online cheap at the moment with free delivery but not in that size. only 215/40/R18(quiet a bit of stretch?) and 235/40/R18. Is there much difference in going the 235?or 215? over the 225 size. either size will from what iv calculated is going to be 4mm higher or lower in height on the sidewall but 215 being quiet a stretch being exactly 8.5 inches in diameter? main issue really is if there is sidewall flex fouling with my strut, rather not have to use a spacer. any help on this would be great. i want it to fit without to much fluffing around and at the same time be safe but look good. cheers in advance p.s yes i am noob EDIT>> hey guys, appreciate all the input so far. that tyrestretch website was helpful. im not so much concerned about the stretch on the rim but rather the inner portion of the tyre rubbing/scrubbing on my strut. here is a picture of what i mean(the rim isnt bolted in or held down but when its flush i can put my finger inbetween the strut so roughly 5mm)
  14. Tyre Fitment on Rim

    touche!! lol just covering all grounds really incase something unexpected pops up
  15. Tyre Fitment on Rim

    hey guys, appreciate all the input so far. that tyrestretch website was helpful. im not so much concerned about the stretch on the rim but rather the inner portion of the tyre rubbing/scrubbing on my strut. here is a picture of what i mean(the rim isnt bolted in or held down but when its flush i can put my finger inbetween the strut so roughly 5mm)
  16. Do u still live with your parents

    im 22 and still live at home. got a degree, have a s15, travelled, have deposit for a house but im currently looking for a nice house to buy. that being said i really have no intention of moving out anytime soon unless circumstances change. i get along with my parents really well and they enjoy having me around. I personally feel that i can move out anytime i like but my presence at home helps the family out, i can help around the house,pay groceries etc and spend some time with parents as they aint getting any younger.
  17. The Youtube Thread

  18. i get the occasional head turn and look at my S15 but most of the time there all teenyboppers or fugly ganga's. not had any approach me or the car and chat, get more attention from dudes yellin out nice car or do a skid. thats about it. ohh wait now i think about it i did have 1 time a car pull up full of chicks n comment, sadly they were all fat ugly blonde ganga bitches bet all 4 weighted ova 100kg each lol
  19. EURO TRIP! who's been

    read your blog seemed you had an awesome time and did alot. as odd as it sounds i actually prefer at this stage to have the trip mapped out for me so i get a taste of everything. im pretty unorganised lol and like the idea of having some else organise what MAIN attractions to see n do without the hastle of mucking around. this will be/is my first proper holiday/getaway outside of the pacific(only ever been to fiji n nz lol) so its a major confussion to really know the direction i would want to go having no idea what europe is about. i figure this a good teaser/taster of whats there and if i go back later i can attack it on my own
  20. yeah the rain upstream from catchment areas and from wivenhoe dam are slowly going to make its way to brisbane river and outlaying suburbs. the risk tonight is not the continual rain but high tide which will flood areas heavy rain couldnt. i just hope no one has there cars at GT Auto Garage, was only a few years ago they got flooded and some really nice and expensive cars got destroyed
  21. ADM 2Hunjee(mildly stock)

    hey fellow ns'ers been trolling these forums for a while now but have never made a member ride so im bored and got nothing else better to do. Anywho this is my first and only ever car iv owned(used to drive around in parents camry lol). Its a 2002 S15 Spec S GT bought her around may/june of 2009 with 59XXX on clock. didnt get driven much for the entire 2009 as i was still at uni full time and only drove to work and back on weekends so not many kays were racked up. car sits at 71XXX now so im starting to put some kays on it now since i graduated and work full time and drive the car as a daily driver. the car came fairly stock with a few basic goodies and was in prestine condition when i went to inspect it, fell in love with it and bought it the following week. anywho enough talking heres the car with the list of mods Car: 02' S15 Mods: Blitz Sus Pod Greddy FMIC Tomei Dump pipe Reinhard Front pipe Reinhard cat back exhaust Oddyssey PC680 drycell battery Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch Kit Exedy Lightened Flywheel Nismo Gearbox Mount Greddy Turbo timer Apexi Mech Boost Gauge in psi(was a beyotch to find this sucker) Pioneer dvd player with fold out screen(i got it for free lol was my bro's old 1 which was sitting around collecting dust so he said take it SCORE!!) Also Have sitting around for a few months lol but yet to be Installed Greddy Profec B Spec 2 EBC Walbro fuel pump hmm thats about it really, starting new rotation on job in city so car is going to be back to collecting more dust, will give me chance to sort out some issues which include fouling exhaust after clutch install GRRRR and a worn bearing type sound from lhs wheel(iv replaced the entire hub with a new one and still hasnt fixed it) also due in for a much needed wheel alignment doesnt handle aswell as it used to. Anywho here are some pics im not very artistic lol so there nothing special. What do you all think?all suggestions/criticisms are welcome whether good or bad lol its all constructive in my mind
  22. ADM 2Hunjee(mildly stock)

    Update: i attempted a DIY EBC install of my greddy ebc that iv had sitting around for ages so thats all in and working. iv set everything to 0 atm and im hoping to chuck it on the dyno soon to check my AFR's so i can wind the wick up a little bit here are some pics but also wrote up a diy install guide to hopefully help some other newbs like myself to undertake such a thing http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=474095&st=0&p=6059261&&do=findComment&comment=6059261