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  1. Desmond Regamasters

    these guy sells them http://www.monster-sport.com/product/parts/ext/wheel/type-r/index.html same sizes and offsets that regas were offered in. weigh similar too
  2. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    first time i heard of this guy was on red. the martians vs goblins track. didnt mind him on that. checked out his other stuff on youtube i dont really see what all the hype about this guy is.
  3. Wheel flip

    just use a long, angled tyre stem thingo. check out wheel-whores.com heaps of info there about splitting rims.
  4. Sons of Anarchy

    just started watching this on sunday. im just about to finish watching season 2. havent found a show this good for ages. hope it stays that way.
  5. craftsquare mirrors

    my 240z mirrors sag. and believe me its fkin annoying having to readjust them. so im at the point where i just leave it and dont use them anymore.
  6. ditto here. ditto. noone f**ks with my cartoons
  7. Im after a new wallet

    i just bought a salvatore ferrgamo wallet. sent me back 300$. only reason i decided to spend that much is ive had heaps of wallets before ralph lauren, polo, nautica and the f**kers seem to fall apart. so im hoping that this salvatore one will hold up. if it doesnt im just going to rage
  8. been too long since this thread has been updated so ill throw my pos up. rear ssr formula meshies 15x9.5j -33 front hayashi streets 15x9.5j -19 edit: more photos
  9. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    big fan of this song. premier really knows how to make a beat.
  10. Pulling apart 3 piece rims?

    check out http://www.wheel-whores.com/ they have a section dedicated to 3 piece rims.
  11. by the looks of it rear would either be 9.5 -19 or 10 -25 front either 9.5 - 19 or 9 -13 i think i need zg front and rear x10 hayashis to match my fronts
  12. Shit talkers' thread

    HAHAHAHA reminds me of one of my good good mates. told all of us he beat a lambo (amongst a long list of other cars) which he chomped in his ef9.
  13. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    ^ forgot about them! beautiful day is another favourite. such a nice chill out song. or cruising on a sunny day song.
  14. What headphone do you use?

    just ordered some brainwavz m2 from mp4nation. cheapest price. cheaper than headphones.com.au. free shipping. it was a toss up between the klipsch image s4, head direct re0 and vsonic r02pro2. after reading what seemed like a million reviews on each i decided to go with the brainwavz as it sounded like it would suit my music more (hip hop). anyone else using them that can comment?