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  1. when you consider for each full cycle (rotor 360 degrees, same as you would measure a piston motor) it pumps 3.9 litres worth of air/fuel what do you expect i thought that was a 1080degree cycle as each face of the rotor pumps 0.66litres each rotation is 360 degrees and with the 3 faces it needs 3 full rotations then you get the 0.66Lx2rotorsx3facings dont' get me started on this. that's like saying and sr20 is really only a 1 litre motor as only 2 pistons fire at the same time. a full cycle i.e 360 degrees of the rotor works out at 3.9 ltr, which explains the fuel and large turboe's they can use. and no a cylce is not 360 degrees of the eccentric shaft. it is gear and is different to the rotor rpm. so then does a rotary have good/avg fuel economy for its engine size? (if its counted as a 3.9L)
  2. looks like the rx8s even uglier cousin. how could they go from this timeless style to that monstrosity.
  3. Toyota FT-86 concept headed to Toookyo

    inside looks shit =/
  4. Skyline vs Bank

    least the damage isnt too bad. id still drive it in that condition.
  5. Skyline vs Bank

    lol beat me to it!

    damn $50 is heaps cheap. i got mine for like 70 i think bcuz i had a mate that worked at rebel so got staff discount.
  7. Toyota FT-86 concept headed to Toookyo

    first thing i thought of. but i like how it looks.
  8. holy shit 25L/100km thats nuts! ppl always said rotors were thirtsy. no idea it was THAT bad
  9. i think car colour does make a huge difference. but yeh black or polished centres are pretty safe/universal
  10. human resources anyone?

    hi guys just wondering if anyone here works in Human Resources. as ill be graduating soon and want to get into this field. any one got any advice?
  11. australias worst tv show

    those f**king 20 to 1 type shows and that spearman project. cant stand that fat bitch. also i thought tv burp was pretty funny.
  12. The Anime Thread

    new??! so it takes off from ed (?) being stuck in the other past world thing with his dad? i'd recommend great teacher onizuka to anyone. my favourite out of all the animes ive watched.
  13. thats nuts! i only get 10L/100kms out of my 2L 4 banger with bolt on mods.
  14. 20B S15

    fuggin awesome build ! what sort of 1/4s will you be aiming for (not sure if u mentioned it already)
  15. My S15 Build - Vertex Ridge

    saw this on jdmst. absolutely perfect.
  16. 1997 S14a built for street

    love it man, so simple and clean!
  17. Hot obscure wheels

    Hayashi sakuras
  18. crazy wheel colours!

    id say anything that isnt white, black, bronze, gunmetal, gold, polished. cant believe i forgot about that one. that ones awesome!
  19. australia's....1st V6 5th gen celica

    wow thats a nice figure! i like how you've chosen to do something different! very daring
  20. Martial Arts

    i used to do wing chun, was never really into that. always wished i did muay thai. now i do muay thai and i prefer it over wing chun. but yeh most ppl here will say that whatever style they learn is the best. otherwise why would they do it?

    anyone here fish around sydney? would love to get some tips. havent had much luck in ages
  22. Best ear phones?

    my brother had a pair of shure (not sure of the exact model) those in ear ones. really nice sound, quality. but really f*ing expensive. i think he paid over 200$ for them.

    hey man i use twins special 16oz for pretty much everything. before i got them i used to use some 'warrior' brand fingerless gloves. not weighted. the twins are quite nice and solid quality. def recommend them