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  1. haha i wish i could think like that! i let anyone and everyone in, even if theyre a *richard cranium*. i love my car too much to risk its safety over some asshole.
  2. Bolt on Spacers

    i always heard that slip-ons were pretty dodgey without extended studs?
  3. 2 of my mates have been done for no plates. 2 plates werent on so x2 the fine. cant remember if its - 2x the points as well. i screw mine to the numberplate so tightasses cant tax them, also stops them flying away
  4. Desmond Regamaster

    keep the regas!! space em out if need be.
  5. would u consider someone that likes to drive thru the twisties on a sunday morning at 6am a hoon? perhaps not by the limit but 'spiritedly'
  6. JDM Integra Type-R vs 96 Nissan Type X

    volvo boy i think you have your facts wrong. jdm dc2r doesnt come with brembos, the jdm dc5r does tho. the audm dc5r does come with lsd. the audm type s doesnt. but comparing a 180 v dc2r is apples and oranges. like its been mentioned rwd turbo v fwd n/a both have their pros and cons. one more point about the dc2r, generally dc2r owners are dreamers when it comes to pricing their cars. id rather buy the 180 which is cheaper and spend the rest of that money in mods rather than a stock dc2r.
  7. Desmond Regamaster

    being from the honda crowd, these rims go for heaps. there was a set selling 16x7 +35, some gay sizing/offset. he was asking 2200.
  8. JDM Integra Type-R vs 96 Nissan Type X

    ive never driven a 180 my self so i cant comment. however my mate has a genuine jdm dc2r. and i think its a piece of shit (could be just his). if you were talking about a jdm dc5r, id definately get that. 160ish kw. brembos, recaroes. cant go wrong. but dont bother asking a type r owner which to get (dc5r v dc2r). owning a dc5r myself, id say get that. hope that helps
  9. Hot obscure wheels

    i used to have a set of these. if you cant find them under dunlop. Uras sells them. pretty light too! ps. didnt realise there was so much love for panasports. i got the c5c (flat spokes). although not as sexy and dishy as the ones posted! sorry for fwd.
  10. damos crap onevia

    loving how the old school rims look! good stuff
  11. OLU150 far from drift pig... beautiful!
  12. Federal and Silverstone Tyres - Great Prices !

    received tyres today. fast delivery. will def. again in the future!
  13. in year 12 about 2 years ago one time i was walking to school, it was pissing rain and theres this hill to get there instead of taking the normal street road (it takes longer and was lazy) i thought id walk down the side of the hill it was like a dirt hill with rocks and bits of grass not like a concrete one, there was like streaming water runnning down and everything im like f**k it ill walk down.. start slipping down fast, i soon realised there is a 2m ledge at the bottom flew off that and landed on my knees first thing i did was make sure noone saw me lol then limped off pretty fast to class with bleeding knees moral - shortcuts = fail
  14. What are your thoughs on Amy Whinehouse?

    i only like im no good but the version with ghostface
  15. Tha Carter III

    i hated this guy more than anyone but certain songs have changed my mind now i like him lol let the beat build, nothin on me, tie my hands my favourites off carter 3
  16. serious wtf hahah

    worst song i ever heard, gotta admit its funny tho
  17. Never ask for help in a forum