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  1. ive been listening to a bit of OFWGKTA (odd future wolf gang kill them all) lately, i like a lot of stuff they've done


    anyone else like them? i would imagine there may be a few haters ph34r.gif


    edit: only just noticed the vid of tyler the creator few posts above just then


    first time i heard of this guy was on red. the martians vs goblins track. didnt mind him on that.


    checked out his other stuff on youtube i dont really see what all the hype about this guy is.

  2. just make sure when you're putting them back together you put the valve hole in a spot you can still easily reach with the wheel fitted.


    just use a long, angled tyre stem thingo.


    check out wheel-whores.com heaps of info there about splitting rims.

  3. 1704BK.jpg


    something like this..


    has 2 money slots, and 9 card holders + licence holder.


    i just bought a salvatore ferrgamo wallet. sent me back 300$.


    only reason i decided to spend that much is ive had heaps of wallets before ralph lauren, polo, nautica and the f**kers seem to fall apart.


    so im hoping that this salvatore one will hold up. if it doesnt im just going to rage



  4. Was at a party not long ago when I got into a conversation to a bloke about cars


    He proceeded to tell me how he's lost his licence for 6 months "but that's gna happen when I've got a 12 second car"


    I asked what he had and what mods

    "ek civic bro with s15 turbo"


    So where did you run it

    "nah I've never raced it, it's a street car"


    So uve never run a 12 second pass but you tell randoms you own a 12 second car?

    "Nah but my tuner said it should run 12's"


    Get the f**k away from you f**kn idiot





    reminds me of one of my good good mates.


    told all of us he beat a lambo (amongst a long list of other cars) which he chomped in his ef9.

  5. just ordered some brainwavz m2 from mp4nation. cheapest price. cheaper than headphones.com.au. free shipping.


    it was a toss up between the klipsch image s4, head direct re0 and vsonic r02pro2. after reading what seemed like a million reviews on each i decided to go with the brainwavz as it sounded like it would suit my music more (hip hop).


    anyone else using them that can comment?