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  1. Just checked then, minimum tyre is $95. Rotalla's from tyres for less are $75 per tyre so I was hoping to get per tyre for around $55/60
  2. Hey guys, I didn't really how where to put this question but I'm am looking for someone who will sell a pallet of 235/40/18's for cheap. I read on here awhile back that someone was selling pallets of 18's which was 24 tyres for $1200. Cheers
  3. Hey guys, I've have got rid of my abs system in my s15 when the motor is out as I have been running driftwork knuckles and it doesn't work. I am running r33 brakes so I am going to get a non abs r33 bmc but my question is do I also have to change the brake booster? Is there any difference in braking and pedal feel between a s15 booster and a r33? Thanks fellas
  4. Price : $2,400 Condition : Hey guys,I have a new motor and box waiting to go into my s15 so i am putting up for sale my standard Vct sr20det engine package with everything.The motor is still in the car until the weekend so you are move then welcome to come and drive the car or i can get some videos of it running. Its my daily driver and has 118,000km's on it. Comp tested and came up 155psi over all for cyclinders so it is a healthy motor.The package is sr20det, 6 speed box, exedy hd clutch, loom, ecu, radiator, tailshaft, intercooler and piping.I'm putting a new buitl motor in so i don't need most of the stuff in the engine bay.Asking $2700 for everythingContact me on 0424 580 115 or pm me.Located in the Sutherland Shire, Sydney or i can ship it to your door for very cheap.Thanks
  5. Hey guys, Simple question, if I buy a nismo gt pro LSD for a r33 gtr, will I be able to straight fit it into a r33 gtst abs housing? I will buy some 33 gtr half shafts and the LSD package comes with input shafts so will everything work out? I think this is the only way I can keep my speedo in my s15 and have the safety if a gtr rear end.
  6. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    I've blown my steering rack seals twice in 3 weeks with those gay offset spacers and want them gone!
  7. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Just wondering what rack ends you guys are running with the driftwork knuckles when moving your steering rack forward and getting rid off the offset spacers? Will a normal lock spacer be enough with 15mm longer lca's and knuckles to get 0 toe or do you run a different rack end and tie rod end setup?
  8. NSW Drift comp series. May 4th

    The whole drift series has been canceled. WTF?
  9. NSW Drift comp series. May 4th

    When do we find out if there is enough numbers to go ahead with the comp? I paid today
  10. NSW Drift comp series. May 4th

    I have one question that I can't find info on. Pro class has no restrictions on engine or modificion or anything like that right. What are the restrictions that the cars and drivers in open class have? What seperates the full blown race cars apart from a simple streeter looking at getting a comp a go? I was thinking along the lines of pro class is more for the track cars and open class a d1sl/rego'd more based class. I rang the ardc today and asked the question but all I got was the lady saying "thats a good question, don't think there is any restrictions between classes".
  11. Stock sr20de drift

    Even easier. Get coilovers, lock the diff and put some 15's on it and jump on a wet pan. Learn to drive first before spending cash. Then save that cash for more suspension!
  12. Ebisu Matsuri: What did you buy and how much did it cost?

    Hey locky, did you end up selling your 180 back to powervehicles or you still got it?
  13. ^^^ I hope not! I would love to see them run the vic drift layout so we can see daigo's big lexus monster in full bake!!
  14. The ARDC and EC thread

    I don't under stand, I pay $250 to drive on the wetpan for 4 hours to get my "ardc drift liecence" thats if I met there rules for drifting. Then I will have to pay another $250 to drive on the peanut/figure 8 course to pass the next stage of my "drift liecence" if i'm good enough. Then i'll most likely have to pay a fortune to get on south course for 4 hours to hit 3 corners with someone in the car with me telling me what to do when all I want to do is have some fun out there. Question is, if they don't like how i'm drifting for some reason out on south course, does that mean I have to go pay to go on the peanut/ figure 8 to prove myself worthy for south circuit again? I'm sorry about all this bitching about rules and ardc, but all I want to do is go out and have some fun drifting with mates and other people that love/live drifting.
  15. MAD MAY MATSURI---Wakefield Park

    Nar their not saying in on here but on there website it has these dates for round 3 or whatever round it is.