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  1. 3.9 r200 long nose needed

    Guys a mate of mine is looking for a 3.9 r200 long nose diff. If anyone can help me out please let me know. Thanks Mick 0418 837 055
  2. Guys, I need a Sr20 injector ballast resistor to fit low impedance injectors to my subie with my new ecu (VI-PEC). as far as im aware they are used in heaps of nissans, including 180's, GTI-R pulsars, skylines etc... Thanks Mick
  3. anyone want a Walbro?

    I just fitted a walbro to the 180 the day before it died. so i'm looking to see if anyone in town wants one? I'm happy to swap complete fuel pump assemblies with someone with a standard fuel pump plus $150 my way. the pump cost $180 and was used for about 130km. Thanks mick
  4. Car is for sale, I dont have the time or cash to get it back on the road. Ebay once i have my lib back on the road ill look for a car that has already been set up for drift and go from there. I'm just too busy to start from scratch. Mick
  5. Any place have good prices on decent 235's?

    How much do they want to charge for the federals at tuggers?
  6. Well that didnt last very long. had a call from the girlfriend about half an hr ago saying the car had stopped on the parkway. got there, car had cooked itself to the point of seizure. eventually got it started and the was a loud knock in the engine and smoke out the exhaust. so the engine lasted 132km since all the new cams and rockers were fitted. Meh, now do i fix it or flog it off that is the next question. Mick
  7. thanks mate, i owe you a beer or 24. Mick
  8. Good stuff, thanks. My log on name is correct its just my display name that is incorrect I wonder if i put it on high if it will sweep the floors for me Thanks Mick
  9. Please sir, may i have a better membership status? and maybe have my user name fixed. it should be Techworkz not Techwokz? fan is good, havent fitted it yet, should have time on the weekend. Thanks Mick
  10. yeah Greg, stop being a hater. you know you like the man love I need a hundred posts to put up a wanted ad so feel free to put together a rebuttal. Mick
  11. cant get into the "Wanted" section

    No dramas, thanks
  12. Mods I cant get into the "Wanted" section. its saying i dont have permission. any help would be great. Thanks Mick
  13. Haha yeah Will, thanks for the bits. Mick
  14. First stage of development completed. once its passed rego its time for Tein coilovers, 2way LSD, t28 turbo, new exhaust and FMIC. New wheels installed, walbro fitted. New fully sick drift spec steering wheel new cams, rockers, and rocker stoppers installed. Runs well.
  15. Should be there, just need a t28, FMIC, and exhaust. if anyone has a decent S15 T28, full 3in exhaust, or FMIC kit please let me know. Thanks Mick