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  1. Just a quick link to get you started, congratulations to Lloyd for winning the round and to everyone with their awesome display of skills on the day! Keep an eye on Optical Note Photography for more photos in the next few days! Check out some slomo video from the event at http://www.youtube.com/user/jimeegee23
  2. Drifting Tasmania Rd 4 2010 Photos

    Not sure, I've put everything up on YouTube that I have, I haven't even looked at them myself yet, so if not, sorry about that I tried to get everyone at least on their second quali
  3. Here are a couple of pics from an awesome day out...and links to photos and video at the event. http://www.opticalnote.com/blog And some videos

    Thanks! The photo page isn't working with Internet explorer but will work with Google Chrome or Firefox. Otherwise check http://www.flickr.com/photos/opticalnote

    I have a few quick videos from the driftkhana and I'll post the photos once they are processed. The videos are all on my YouTube channel My photos are currently uploading at http://www.opticalnote.com/blog
  6. Ok here are 10 I've mucked around with, some of the other pics are at Optical Note Photography's Flickr page, if you want any pics that aren't on there I have a few more. Hope you like!
  7. I was right there, but there was a bit much "looose shiiit" between me and your awesome battle. I will be posting up what I have though... More to come. Plus videos.
  8. Lloyd's 360 during the expression session after the event.
  9. A quick pic of the winner on his celebratory lap, I'll have plenty more to come on my website in the next few days. Well done to all, it was very entertaining as usual.
  10. Check out all the pics here Well done to all the drivers out there, awesome display of skills!!
  11. OZDriftGP - Saturday Images

    Thanks, here's one for Brendo...
  12. OZDriftGP - Saturday Images

    Here are some of my shots from Saturday...great day for drifting in Tasmania! Plenty more available here
  13. Round 4 Pics and Vids

    Here's one of you back at cha David...sort of... All my other photos are posted on flickr
  14. Top day all round...well organised, great driving, looking forward to the next round already.
  15. Round 4 Pics and Vids

    Great shots David...look at that bloody other photographer getting in the way...haha...my lens is too short!! Here's one to start from me...more to come Some pics from the pits... Drifting photos will be online tomorrow...maybe...