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  1. Doing a rebuild on my SR20 det

    t88, awesome turbo on a SR heaps responsive and power to boot!
  2. Price : $600 Condition : Used 1. E manage ultimate - for jzx100 with plug and play loom. also comes with program CD and usb cable! $600. ono 2. Greddy intelligent infometer touch! Brand new in box, only opened to look at it!, $400. ono http://greddy.net.au/home/?id=282 willing to trade for jzx100 parts / random stuff.
  3. DIABLO 3!

    rageeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeing, f**k you blizzard you massive cock suckers
  4. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    over this game! got to prestige 8 doubt ill make it all the way to 15.
  5. who do you know thats famous?

    I met and had a long chat and shared a few joints with evidence of dilated people last year super nice guy! shouts buds too
  6. If my jzx is done ill come ill keep you posted!
  7. Status updates

    Wrong. Deej.
  8. Guard rolling?

    athid is the man at guard rolling, didn't even damage the x100 rear guards which are known to be a massive *milkshake*, also you can perv on his type x while he works! hahah
  9. Real VS Fake Nardi steering wheels

    I asked and was assured they are genuine. Just seeing if anyones had problems
  10. Real VS Fake Nardi steering wheels

    Anyone know if the nardis from shift perfomance (sponser on here) are real of fake??
  11. things that annoy you

    Guys in tight jeans, homos.
  12. S15 Steering Wheel.

  13. Am I a bad person?

    dylan who was it? pm me if you want

    quote of the day