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  1. Steering wheel quick release?

    yes you still get horn
  2. Make : NISSAN SKYLINE Transmission : Kilometres : 76000 Price : $64,000 Condition : Used SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Hello ~ selling my Nissan R34 GTR V-SPEC II / white price is $64000ono kilometers 76xxx kms/ has new nismo black cluster which has only few thousand kms on it that I've put in as soon as car purchased last year @70k kms. car was originally brought in by a dealer > was tuned by top secret in japan for a baseball player in japan (seats have the baseball player name and figure embroidered in) Engine/Exhaust - new oil catchcan/reservoir installed - new splitfire coilpacks - tuned for track safe tune at 315awkw or there abouts running 19~20psi by Edge motorsports - HKS fuel rail - HKS aftermarket injectors - Auto-select strut brace ( "AS" this is the fat looking front strut brace) - HKS front pipe>cat>Top Secret titanium exhaust ( off the car atm but wll be part of sale > very light/ sounds like a jet on full acceleration - HKS 2530's - HKS hard induction kit - Greddy large core - oil cooler (HKS i believe) - clutch aftermarket twin/triple plate - this one i can't remember - Koyo rad - sard fuel regulator Wheels/Tyre/Brake/suspension - wheels ce28 gold 18x10.5+15 - tyres dunlop direzza sport Z1 star 265/35/18 plenty of thread left - aragosta coilovers - F40 brembo brakes front and rear (front need rotor replacement next service) Interior - NISMO MFD v2 with lap timing switch - custom interior > retrimmed Recaro Topline seats in leather > front seats eletric tilt/heating/fan/ function they are custom leather job recaros - alpine DVD player/audio flip out screen/ double deck when screen out has ipod connecter etc - speakers/twitters etc - new NISMO black cluster - new NISMO LED tail lights - new LED brake light - GTR floor mats - NISMO missile switch plug - HKS EBC - HKS turbotimer - fire extinguisher installed on custom bracket on the passenger side - top secret plated HKS gold fcon V come with english software + instructions and also dongle to take the car to whichever tuner u want - new Mongoose alarm (has turbo timer auto window closer etc ) - two GTR keys and remotes Exterior - front Lexus luxury wipers - custom plate will be included in sale along the lines of GTR theme - spare but genuine Topsecret bodykit perfect fit no damage, came fitted from JP > this includes side skirts + front bar + and front aero diffuser - Z-tune style kit front bar and fender+nismo style side and rear skirts ztune style fenders > all openings were carefully trimmed open even the ones that run along the side of the bonnet on the fenders which are normally blocked off in a copy of ztune kit - been serviced 3 times since purchasing end of last year at OTR Sprinvale - no accident history- checked by DT Panel Springvale for any repairs prior to purchase BONUS purchased brand new HANKOOK RS3 tyres 285/35/18 yet to be fitted sitting at TyrePower North Melbourne all pretty and nice to come with asking price of $64000. also front bar has slight crack which will be fixed up before car is sold or included in price for repair at DT Panel Please contact PM or SMS on 042281257 thanks ken pics http://www.street-co...-res/exe-29.jpg http://i1121.photobu...ar/IMG_0167.jpg http://i1121.photobu...ar/IMG_0161.jpg http://i1121.photobu...ar/IMG_0153.jpg http://i1121.photobu...vspecIIFAST.jpg http://i1121.photobu...ar/IMG_0738.jpg http://i1121.photobu...ar/IMG_0740.jpg http://i1121.photobu...II/IMG_0859.jpg
  3. Engineering cert and EPA

    If u pass the test and have the paper work ..in case of defect or EPA couldnt u just show ur papers when u get there without having to put back to stock,
  4. Engineering cert and EPA

    sorry about bringing old post back to life but could you tell me which mob/engineer does the ADR 37 testing .. the emission testing? can't seem to find much detail on the net thanks
  5. huh... so they weren't on.... tricky tricky
  6. S15 (Stage 2 SR23VET power, 1st dyno video up)

    can't wait to see this thing do some track work! must be insane revving it like a NA engine
  7. Power to expect

    u will get 185 rwkw ~195rwkw depends on tuner and dyno so don't hold your breath
  8. s15 for street

    update most of oil leaks are fixed now slight leak somewhere around upper sump apparently....waiting to fix this one new larger capacity sump purchased from Midnightmods waiting to go on waiting for Jesse Streeter to send me the visual things/parts over from JP land
  9. s15 for street

    Couple of pics taken by Clarence aka Tangcla have some visual changes in mind so got the pictures done to see before and after; will be 1~2 months before after pics are taken though
  10. best fitment ever

    i like the seats and the brakes
  11. S15 tail lights

    you can buy them JP yahoo auction around $500
  12. Do a compression test. Mine was blown engine
  13. S15 tail lights

    jDm lights up two globes in the red section ADM lights up one globe only in the red section
  14. S15 tail lights

    i like stock ones haven't seen any aftermarket ones that actually have contour of the stock lights they are mostly flat looking rather than protrusive on the yellow part as per stock ones anyway clearcorners.com USA company do LED conversion on stock ones or u can do LED conversion if you want to save some $ yourself looks HOT