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    hey dude good to see my old car wish i kept it. looking sick turbo is a tdo6 19c
  2. did you disconnect the air flow meter if so double check you have plug on properly had this happen to my 32 a while back and it would cut out after driving it for a bit hope it helps
  3. 250kw= Power fc, cat back, pods with 1 bar I wouldnt bother changing dumps and front pipe at this point as it's pointless to change with out changing turbos (labour costs) 330kw= List above + N1 turbos, dumps, front pipes, fuel pump, injectors + cam gears if you want to dial set-up in AFM's are not necessary for 330kw.
  4. Looking to join the army...

    That's what they all say Far as food goes, you will be fine apart from Bush activities where you will be eating a Ration pack (roughly 2000calories of mostly carbs and fats, designed to hold your digestive system at bay) but bush is only a 1 nighter, then a 2 nighter followed by AFAIR a 3-4 nighter. As far as normal days go, you can eat HUGE amounts of food, Some days I was averagine an easy 6000+ calories per day. Food ain't too bad either.
  5. 180sx Rice-Mobile-KRPS13

    Damn thats HOT!!! Both the car and the hole in your wallet Any videos of this in action?
  6. time for a new car

    Get a 4dr! my un-bias opinion
  7. RB26 RX7!

    Definately unique.. But why go to all the effort of development? 2j in GTR 26 in supra 26 in Rx Each one of these cars come with a more then viable motor which responds to tuning like no other..
  8. Skyline R32 GT-R Videos

    twoogle 32 GTR, RH9 member.. ignition dvd
  9. The Nissan GT-R, A (TV) Star is Born

    Hope it's as good as people say! Can't wait to watch this after work!
  10. lol.. there a pain in the ass.. We had to remove the 26 out complete out of a mates 32 because we couldn't get one of the flare nuts of the high pressure lines!... Upon removing he decided to screw the twins and go for a single.. Theres a good man.. hehe
  11. Stroker kits

    Comes down to what you want out if in the end? Response.. freeing up a big turbo.. lazy driving.. a stroker will aid you if your after these.
  12. My GTR

    Paint's real clean! Got to agree with the other's, There reliable for sure, but the achilles heel can run a bearing dry any time.. Nissan (1.5 - 1) lol. what were they thinking?
  13. GTR R33

    Nice car ADZ. Nice wheels, mates got the exact same set for his 32, only in white thought
  14. hey guys... =] me and my s14.5

    My fav combo! Pulled it of well .. Offset is spot on.
  15. Hey everyone..

    nice and clean.. not sure about the red upholstery lol