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  1. Re-spray NT

    lol yeha i know pretty gay im over the idea now cause of the $$$
  2. wrecking s13 silvia

    Rims? Ashtray? Passanger side, thing outside on the car, bottom of the window like a black strip they come off? Wouldnt have rear pods would it? Few other things man im sure if i had a look id want heaps of shit
  3. doesnt sound like a leaking gasket to me ay
  4. Ready 2 Paint !

    the idea of painting my car myself scares me
  5. GF get fit thread..dont flame = /

    lol gotta love the bulking excuse hahah hear it so many times and still love it
  6. blown engine s15

    thanks mate ill have to get into contact with him, his name isnt dom by any chance?? yeahh ill have to rebuild..because i have a factory intercooler, would that have contributed to the pistons melting? would an aftermarket cooler prevented this problem...slightley?? When boost is raised the temp coming out of the turbo is higher, the more the charge temperature increases the more chance of detonation and in worst case scenario engine damage. Intercooling decreases the chance of detonation by lowering the air intake temperature. With a smaller chance of detonation, engine reliability is improved.
  7. lol hahahah nah but seriously, all you need to do is....
  8. hearing good things about the xforce ones, maybe i should look into them. considering i have a full gktech zaust dump to catback, the sound level now is alright i wouldnt call it loud, would fitting an xforce highflow cat make it a lot louder? I got a full GKTECH exhaust on my type-x with a xforce high flow cat and it sounds awesome at idle and cruising around but even better when u give it balls sounds soo mean How much did the XFORCE Cat cost mate?, did you buy it here in perth somewhere??,ive sort of held off buying a new exhaust set up as my current has a punched cat so wondering if I change to GKTECH Exhaust with Hi Flow Cat I'll feel power loss due to running a cat even though it'll be hi flow= anyone? Good question?
  9. lol big mistake heaps of boys on heat would have been able to tell you every detail pretty funny actually
  10. Spotted cars

    gary??? you got that bad boy going ay? bring her up to darwin yeaaaaaa bring it bring it lol he will smash you dude, hes got 2871r i think, fuel pump, fmic, everything is stripped, injectors i think as well. lol i ment bring it as in bring it so i can see it hahaha not so i can race him haha
  11. Spotted cars

    gary??? you got that bad boy going ay? bring her up to darwin yeaaaaaa bring it bring it
  12. Project Varietta R-RATED NEW PHOTOS ! PAGE 9

    i thought it was a good photoshop job haha obviously i know nothing
  13. dont kill me for these noob questions lol

    hmm my type x handbrake works so bloody well dont even have to yank it right up hope it stays this way for a while
  14. Springs

    do not be a retard and cut your springs go to any suspension/tyre shop and get some low springs repco/pedders/ozzy tyres(think they can get you king springs)