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  1. C/R.9.0:1 or 8.5:1?

    and stock comp on the k20a2 is 11.1, which is wat i have
  2. C/R.9.0:1 or 8.5:1?

    use want response and efficientcy and good solid power, and power from 3500 all the way to 8500 and torquey as f**k. stock K20 integra engine in my silvia with a GT3076r on 8psi makes 253kw. motor is bone stock. absaloutly no lag.. sr's are only gud for low comp,or stock comp with lots of boost...
  3. boost spiking

    its because of your free flowing exhaust and fmic....
  4. Just watched Fast Five

    soo did use all miss wat Paul Walker was driving.. best part of the movie is wen i saw that. he was driving a 1979? Skyline GTR with wantanabe wheels.. thats the only decent car that i was frofing over. other than that the cars were pretty average american junk...
  5. boost spiking

    bigger dump pipe and exhaust and intercooler??? can this be the issue?? happened with my mates s15 wen he put full exhaust and FMIC, even with an electronic boost controller it used to spike. im gathering the misfiring up top is prob detention from over-boosting. stock rb25 ecu dnt like more than 11-12psi.
  6. Your wheels...

    f**k yeah... all the old skl rims.. as Kriss stated. ne thing from the 80s and early 90s. like 15s and 16s. witch crazy offsets and widths. (SSR reverse mesh) that kinda era!!!
  7. kris's A31 Cefiro

    as we spoke bout.. dump it at Micks. and let him rip into it.. make sure she is ready for winton.. lols... the Curse of the RB20.... fukn gay ass engine..
  8. awsome shots by JRM.
  9. ne piks or vids of the stanceworks S13, black with white bonnet scoop and white B-wave wing.. # 101 B
  10. room for rent 90 a week

    hey bud were is my strut brace!!!
  11. kris's A31 Cefiro

    f**kn sik piks.. was an awsome day... being a passenger to this car was even better...
  12. kris's A31 Cefiro

    tial external ftw!!!
  13. kris's A31 Cefiro

    mmmm damn straight.. this things gonna tare up the streets/track.. cant wait for 31tst oct.... gonna b crazy...
  14. Help read my dyno graph

    from memory thats almost identical to wat my s15 adm graph looked like but on 13.5psi. from the look of it it leans out to cum on boost quicker then gets rich as f**k for saftey up top.. shouldn't have a problem. just check ur rear bar every now and then to see how black it gets from being soo rich... prob better to use a 3inch full exhaust over a 2.5inch... lets it breath better... and whats wit the unichip?? wat tuning parameters does it have?
  15. my sr was breakin down/detonating on the stock turbo at 15+psi, but i had a 2.5in cat bak. my idle timing was set at 15degrees advanced thou. i noe timing usually retards once its on full boost... id deff go a 3inch cat bak.. X-force make a 3inch hi-flow system no restrictions but nice and quite. if its internal gate, i dnt see y u dnt put an adjustable actuator and set it at your desired psi levels then u can cancel out a gay ass boost controller and then get it tuned at what boost u want it to be at.. 17-20psi... also hav u thought about checking coil packs?? it could of been breaking down, not detonating... also tuning with no A/F, wtf was this guy thinking...