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  1. Hi guys, Been years! There used to be an events section. Was wondering if anything happening for FnF6?! The drive ins back in the day were awesome!
  2. Minimum RMS required

    Or will it sound better on a 30W RMS speaker?
  3. Minimum RMS required

    Hi Guys, If I have a speaker that is 50W RMS max, is running 26W RMS from the head unit enough?
  4. Who knows this RnB song?

    Heard it the other day in Burwood. She thinks it was about two years old when she did this mix. I have tried everything and I can't find it. Thanks for your help song.zip
  5. I'm thinking of going this weekend, is it any good? Is it worth going? Where did you stay if you went? How far of a drive frmo Brisbane is it or is there closer accomodation?
  6. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/men-in-black-are-the-white-knights-of-the-night-20100519-vfc5.html I want to be one!
  7. Not sure if it's a repost! http://www.viddler.com/explore/failblog/videos/529/44.658/
  8. Does this really happen at parties?

    Where is the check out chick thread? You guys are hilarious!
  9. Come across so many of these pics, yet every party I've been to, this never seems to happen! Or is this only in America!
  10. Hi guys, want to buy a car here in nsw but has qld number plates. What can I do? Can I keep the qld plates or do i have to change them to nsw plates? Because the current owner lives here in nsw. If I have to change it to nsw, what is the process? Do I get a blue slip and then just register the car? What do I do with the qld plates? Give them to the RTA? Thanks.
  11. ps3 got HDMI cable got sound no picture

    got it! settings on the ps3!
  12. Im new to this HD tv thing, are ther any setting i need to do? I've hooked up the cable to my ps3 then to the HDMI input in the tv. I select the HDMI 1 through the input and I get sound, no picture. I get a number saying 580p or something, do I need to change the setting?
  13. Porsche Maintenance Costs

    lol @ this thread, anyone here serious! I'm waiting for someone to say buy an s15 for $20k and spend $10k on mods!
  14. Timbaland

    I was drinking at the time
  15. Timbaland

    No, none of the ones with Keri Hilson, and I can't remember the lyrics either, bummer! Tried youtube, still can't find the clip, feel like I was hilucinating now!