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    i would... but i dont really want to work up in 80 year old ceilings n shit in my area... WAY to much soot from the steel works! that and i dont really want to risk falling or doing something stupid and injuring myself... not worth IMHO. My uncle offered to sell me his 5v month old 09 nissan navara turbo deisal ute for $20k, he bought it 5 months ago for $35-$39k but he wants another hilux instead... have been thinking about it if he gives me a job working for him but i dont think i can afford $20k just yet. might see if he can hook me up with this insulation shiz

    sup fellas... havnt been here in a while... got the minister for War and (lack of) Recreation over most days now that she's finished school. not as much time for my own things as i'd like... but still fun thinking about starting an insulation business... anyone know how it works with the rebates n shit ?

    hahahahaha! race starts with slick tyres.... even though they were expecting rain. first lap... starts raining and 6 cars spin out and shit goes everywhere! viper, audi r8, lambo, ferrari, corvette all crashed... all where easily written off and will be scrapped! YEY for rain! one corvette went into the barrier at fair speed, hit with the right rear quarter and then got shot back the way he came twice as fast and the wheel stayed in the barrier! gt3 + rain + slicks = AWESOME! and in saying that... i'm off laters

    FIA GT3 EURO CHAMPIONSHIP IS ON... im waiting for someone to roll or crash or something... i want to laugh at there expensive race cars when they get f*cked up! haha... one of the cars doors swung open on the corners and there saying its acting like an air brakes and really putting off the aero of the car, awesome!
  5. the phone of 2010

    i agree with the n97 i've got one and i love it... i'm yet to update it but will eventually. everything does what it needs to do, i'm really happy with the camera and pretty much everything the phone has to offer. email is pretty good when you first get it.. .but i got over it due to single emails taking so long to load. i'd recomend it
  6. nice... american drifting sorry
  7. hi all i'm looking at buying a new car in the next 2 weeks and have found something i like up north in hervey bay, i live in wollongong, NSW and i dont have the time or money to fly up just to inspect a car. is there anyone who would be able to go and have a look at it for me? it is a 1992 180sx SIL80 (S13 Front), its matte black, stripped out interior with an S15 Dash, 2 bride seats,tein coilovers and a standard SR20DET rebuilt 50xxxkms ago. what would need to be checked would be: the overall condition of the car, any chassis damage ect. the condition of the dash and whether the seller has all the parts for it apart from the door trims. the condition of the coilovers and whether they knock, leak or anything else that would mean damage. whether the engine is healthy and any evidence that it really was rebuilt. then just the usual inspection stuff like a test drive and if possible, jack it up to look underneath. if there is anyone who is mechanically minded who could go round to check it out for me it would be greatly appreciated. if you can, shoot me a pm and i'll forward the contact details for the seller to you so you can organise to inspect the car. Cheers! http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr70/directjb/SDC10272.jpg[/img

    live baiting for kingys in 6 hours! f**k spending the days roaming around the rocks looking for fish is making me go to bed earlier, thus me not spending as much time on NS.com... which isnt really a bad thing considering how the site it nowadays.
  9. Australian Defence Force info

    im sure the missus would be alright if you were out bush for a week or two. but... if your keen on army (like i know you are) and dont want to deploy why not go artillery from what i've heard, nowadays if you get a deployment within your ROSO your lucky... missed out on the rush i think

    what happened? what you guys think... only got one reply the other night and now i need to choose what i want.
  11. i've been fishing heaps lately... flickn around the lake, catchn poddys at little lake in windang, floatn pillys around the rocks in kiama and smashing the yakkas in kiama harbour for bait. i went for a rock hop this morning around port kembla harbour and found a nice patch of rat kingfish hanging out just out off the platform... i'm going down to the harbour soon to catch me about 20 yakka's to chuck on the pump for the night, then will take them back to PK with the tiagra for a nice Hoodlum king! Cant wait!

    true... i dont know much about the bride seats but do the real fixed back brides have the glittery silver back?

    i'd prob only go there to pick up the car then head back to brissy to get pissed on the cheap with my old army mates. but yer... what you think for $5.5k? worth the risk even if its just to buy, replace seats and resell