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  1. Fable 2

    i'll definaiely be getting it loved the first one i killed everyone and owned my home town i went from good to bad after i'd beat the final boss
  2. New Hungry Jacks Burger

    if they dont watch their own weight then im sure i'll watch it when i go to the beach.
  3. Chat convo...

    hahahaha i hadnt seen this one before
  4. Best-Name-Ever

    i got this one in an email a while back still he has the best name
  5. In what month were you born

    sept 10 i know 2 may 13s too
  6. this vid brings the lulz

    hahahahahahaha cool dance move i saw someone dance like that a couple of weeks ago in a club then he got booted for being drunk
  7. One Wish

    haha still a classic
  8. What do you do before 12pm ?

    aborigines get stereotyped? no way. haha awesome pic.
  9. Cheap Friends

    tell him to wake up to himself
  10. hahahahaha

    the guy on the poles made me feel sick....he had it coming the guy with the rocking horse....wanker
  11. Motivational Posters

    haha, laughing tears since the first post
  12. suspension setup

    awsome. so springs are included in that then?
  13. Question, is aftermarket S13 springs interchangeable into a 180sx? and vice versa? Keen on putting s13 springs into my 180sx but dunno if they will work....any insight would be great. Thanks.
  14. Starwars: Force Unleashed - Game out Sep 17th 2008

    i downloaded it, had a bit of fun playing it, but yea, only rental. If they do a star wars game they need to make it as big/customisable as kotor but without the turn based combat. hack and slash style.