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  1. Yep like everyone else has said, Clutch is slipping and you will need to replace the clutch and machine the flywheel. You can extend the life of the clutch by not boosting the car hard, and i guarantee you will get alot more life out of it by just babying it around.... But who has an S13 and just baby's it? These cars are meant to be boostin'!
  2. Advice on a 93 TT Soarer

    Cheers for the replies. I am getting a car allowance but just after a car which is a bit better to be driving all the time. I guess i can just go new car or something along those lines but have always liked the soarer. I used to own l67 statesman so I am familiar with larger cars but unsure whether I should keep the sil or not
  3. Sooo I have snagged a new job in sales and i am looking at changing my car to more of a cruiser around the 4-5K mark. I am a bit of performance addict so i was thinking about a TT soarer. Any advice on this car or another? Has anyone owned one or have any advice? The example i am looking at seems extremely clean and has been owned by an old man for the last 14 years with full service history. It looks very good in the pictures, and i am going to have a look monday. Cheers boys
  4. drive tonight anyone?

    If i still own my Sil then i am keen. Looking at selling it for a TT Soarer. Want something more comfortable to use as daily / cruiser.
  5. The Football Thread Continued

    Its going to be an El Classico Champions league final.
  6. CA18DE Idle Problem

    Hello Mate. Welcome to the forums. I would definitely check the voltage coming from the battery on idle. If the alternator is stuffed, it sounds like your battery has low voltage which can cause the issue you are describing. I had an old 4AGZE with a stuffed alternator and ended up experiencing the same issue as the battery slowly lost voltage. The sparks got weaker and weaker. The car just came to a stop. Let us know the voltage from the battery on idle. If it is under 14v its not charging correctly.
  7. drive tonight anyone?

    I'm getting a new clutch in next week so once that is done - we are on. I will advise
  8. Hypertune. https://www.facebook.com/HypertuneAustralia
  9. And the more boost you run, the louder the 'Whoosh'
  10. BMC CDA Cold air intake

    If the cops dont see an open filter i am pretty sure they can't ping you on it. Unless they really know what they are looking for - most don't.
  11. drive tonight anyone?

    Thought you were totally going to lose it at one point lol Don't be silly. I was just over excited.
  12. BMC CDA Cold air intake

    You can pass rego with an open POD. Its the defect notices which matter, if the pod is hidden from cops then no issues. I have not had issues passing rego with an open pod before. Ever.
  13. drive tonight anyone?

    I'd be keen. Getting a new clutch installed very soon, but even without it keen as. Hahah i remember last time the way back from gosford we took the freeway and it was a bit slippy. Power skids all the way haha
  14. drive tonight anyone?

    f**k that shit economy. Can you do an agressive WOT throttle tune but be proper lean on cruise / light throttle?
  15. drive tonight anyone?

    sweet! ill be in touch