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  1. We really have to pick up our game...

    So keen! Ive been skidless for to long.
  2. We really have to pick up our game...

    If you just roll out to the track, skid with mates, have fun, roll home, you have no problem with the "scene" People are usually friendly, people share tools and give a hand, few bogan's from having arguments with their missus but thats it. Its only when i read constant whinging n bullshit on ns.com and FB that the scene pisses me off, there are so many ego's in aussie drift scene its not funny. Comps and driving in japan work because people have respect, which we lack in Aus. (not just in drift) There are 100's or sports and all sorts of things, that you could post a video from overseas and say, look, they do it so much better over there, why cant we do it like that in aus? coz we have to many stooges thats why! I like Mez's posts, im keen to come to QLD for some fun!
  3. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Awesome scrapes and sparks! So glad i got to go passenger in that rocket on minami! It was a bit scary coming over the crest i must admit
  4. nisskid's 32 4 door

    Stewys killing it in Aus and Japan, he's already living the dream! Why pump stupid amounts of dosh to go "pro" just to impress judges on a comp day? Thrashings where its at. Awesome entries n angle man, keep it up!

    Shit! Sad to hear Ryan I hope you get it back, hopefully the police are helpful for once. Benny.
  6. Denzo ADGP Round 3 Video - Off Lips Bro

    What a sick c unt
  7. my ae86 skid slut

    Looks tuff man, i want a beams
  8. Feint motion AE86 build

    Cool as, when will you be doing the skids?
  9. Tailem Bend video'd from electric quad rc heli FPV

    Cool man, hopfully your flying it at matsuri
  10. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    i want to go baaaaack
  11. Another one from Scott Mitchell - Dean Newcomb Drift

    Cool video, nice consistent driving
  12. Very nice steering Alexi! Track looks super fun
  13. Autumn (November) Ebisu Drift Matsuri

    What an awesome trip! Dam I had sooo much fun, got heaps of driving in, few crash n problems but its all good.
  14. 2012 summer matsuri

    Will be there for sure
  15. speaking of which, swapsies? haha haha. If simon is too scared to drive your death machine ill swap with ya for a couple laps If you can handle 67rwkw's that is. sooo keen for skids on sat! cant wait