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  1. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    s13 parts for sale sr20det 5 speed clutch pivot - $20 S14 AFM - $50 S13 stock rear toe arms - $50 S13 stock rear camber arms - $50 S13 Stock rear tail lights - $150 S13 rear suspension - KYB SR Special strust with Tien springs - $150 S13 Aurora full set of lowered suspension - $200 S13 Instant Gentleman bodykit rear bumper (good condition in black, rattle can job) - $300 S13 Instant gentleman bodykit side skirts (good condition in silver, would need paint)- $300 S13 no hole intercooler kit, retains stock top pipe, and has a small core with a bunch of bent fins but still holds air fine. Ran 17psi through this setup with no problems. - $250 s13 sr20det stock dump pipe - $70 s13 Drivers side guard (black, lots of dents) $50 Pair of Enkie 16x7 4x114.3 +38 wheels (clear 4 pot brakes) $150 (tyres fked) Pair of other 16x7 4x114.3 +38 (do not clear 4 pot brakes) $200 (tyres good) Nismo LMGT1 Wheels 17x8 fronts, 17x9 rear. 4x114.3 Sit good on s13, (for r31 they require slip on spacer on fronts to clear strut for r31 skyline) Also clears 4 pot brakes. There is some gutter rash. -$900 ono Text me on 0402 035 914.
  2. Tailem Bend sold.

    Stop mocking me! Ha ha got defected on the way home from last stadium drift. I must say though, it was bound to happen sooner or later.
  3. Here's a video Tate of LMS made for stadiums rd3.
  4. Targa Adelaide Night Stage

    Wow that evo hit hard. Good thing he saved it from taking out the verandah though.
  5. Wonder if anyone on here knows of the Peugeot 305 gti hatch getting around with semi's and plenty of power? This little thing was so quick it was ridiculous.
  6. Solar Systems

    You bastard! I was going to say some BS about the planets orbiting the sun kind of solar system. Now all I have is this stupid reply to show how angry I am that someone got there first :'( QQ
  7. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    s13 parts for sale sr20det 5 speed sandwhich plate, sits between gearbox and engine - $30 sr20det 5 speed clutch fork - $50 sr20det 5 speed clutch pivot - $20 sr20det 5 speed thrust bearing - $20 sr20det 5 speed (S13/180sx & S14) Gearbox Front Gasket - $8 (new) Drift pinapples brand new - $50 REAR KYB SR special shocks with tien springs - $150 Aurora full lowered suspension - $200 Pair of Enkie 16x7 4x114.3 +38 wheels (clear 4 pot brakes) $150 walbro 255L p/h fuel pump - $50 s13 6 bolt LSD diff, works fine - $200 contact me on 0402 035 914 Cheers.
  8. Tailem Bend Drift Day

    Im entering my daily s13 in the L2 ha ha.
  9. S13 Silvia, aero 200kw

    Coilovers are in, went and did stadium drift rd 2. Ordered new wheels front and rear, rear half shaft is gone, and one of the rear knuckles is buggered, have replacements to put in shortly. Got a new radiator, ISC alloy spec, got some rear camber arms going in shortly also, and have installed a GKTECH short shifter for sr20. probs more, but I dunno. Hoping to be out at stadium drift rd 3
  10. What Australian drifting needs

    That will never happen ha ha
  11. t-boned by cops apparently.
  12. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Got a carbon fibre boot lid for s13 silvia - $400 Drift pinapples, unused - $50 Passenger side guard for s13 silvia - $50 (small dent, can send pics on request) 0402 035 914
  13. things that annoy you

    "malware ahead" on hardtuned.net........
  14. Spotted a low as fk s13 rolling on bronze xd9s with awesome fitment behind me on lwr north east road this morning
  15. SA Buy/Swap/Sell Thread

    Got a passenger side front 1/4 panel for s13. Blue in colour, small dent. $150 ono 0402 035 914 for pics or further details