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  1. vandalism to cars

    it's just completely senseless.. a friend of mine used to deliver pizzas after he finished school at the hub pizza hut. he left his car unlocked when he went to the peoples houses as it was usually an in, out thanks for the money kinda deal. in the 1 minute he was at someones door, some punks opened his car, stole his phone and wallet and just walked off. shame you can't even leave your car for 30 seconds without losing something in that area. bring back capital punishment! (or conscription for kids like that)
  2. iphone Savvy people

    to return your jailbroken iphone you just plug it into your computer like normal and click "restore" in itunes. completely flashes the iphone back to the state of the last major software update you got and re-writes the file permissions from rw to r (read-write to read only). then you just need to copy your settings back across (itunes will let you). if you want to jailbreak it to the latest version of the jailbreak software just open the application cydia on the iphone and follow the guides for upgrading to 2.2
  3. Carputer for an R33

    yeah i figured about the audio cables itself, gonna start looking at prices for cables and such tomorrow as im looking to mount the pc in the boot if possible with an amp (and a sub down the track) so i'll need usb/vga cables to feed to the LCD, and then just need to figure out what else i'll need from there.
  4. Carputer for an R33

    does the ECU in the R33 support that? or would i need something aftermarket
  5. Carputer for an R33

    well i was looking to avoid getting a seperate headunit, just getting a pc mounted somewhere and the output to the lcd, obviously i would need an amp to power the speakers so if i ran the speaker output from the pc to the amp and then used the touchscreen LCD as an input, what im curious to know is whether the pc kit i posted would be adequate or if i need anything else and if the LCD Unit needs anything else. also would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for a decent sub/amp but at not too huge a price, just looking for a setup that does what it needs to but not too extravagent.
  6. So I'm looking at putting a Carputer in my R33, just wondering if there's anyone around who's done this before. Don't have a sub/amp in my car atm (only just got it) and i'm just wondering what parts i would need. Been looking through mp3car.com at parts and was wondering if these would be sufficient to get the system up and running. http://store.mp3car.com/Mp3Car_Custom_Car_...7_p/ccc-120.htm (The PC Itself) http://bybyte.com/lcd_frame701.htm(The LCD Unit) would i need an amp for the sound itself? what software would i need? obviously the sub isn't necessary as such, but always a bonus. looking at doing something like my i saw done with a WRX obviously i would need a USB GPS unit for the GPS Component of it. would also like to do this. Also would like to know if it's possible to add "fuel % remaining" in it.