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  1. Springvale special s14a.

    Yeah just standard ones in there man. Reckon I should change them?
  2. Springvale special s14a.

    Cheers Ian! sweet shots. Was such a well organised event, well done to VicDrift for making the event run so well. The flow of the groups was awsome! The car ran perfect all day without any issues. Gotta love the rb25! Although I think my coilovers are a bit to soft for the motor, as the car handled quite sloppy. It didnt feel as tight and "chuckable" as I'd like. Or maybe it was me being sh*t. Regardless I think I'll hunt for some new coilovers. At the moment I've got 8kg 6kg. So might try some 10kg 8kg's. The current ones are on on the hardest dampening. Let me know if anyones selling! First round of the day was complete rubbish for me, could not pull one decent corner. But thankfully I improved after every round, towards the end of day i was able to enter the sweeper in mid 3rd gear and flat foot with a couple of clutch kicks. Even got abit of tyre smoke happening lol I had a blast and can't wait to get out there again! Vids up soon!

    My new collection. To bad the Cayman is only temporary.
  4. what is your latest purchase?

    Recaro Start-iQ limited edition colour =]
  5. Springvale special s14a.

    You are a legend Philmak just missed the ones in vic but sussin out the nsw ones.
  6. Springvale special s14a.

    Thanks dude, id love to all out with masssive wheels and stupid low. But I wouldnt last a minute on the street, I live 2 mins away from a cop shop and I drive past them like 8 times a day lol. Can't wait for matsuri!!!
  7. Springvale special s14a.

    ill take them if they're for rb25 lol
  8. Springvale special s14a.

    nice man, Athid already flared the guards on Charlie's car abit to fit 18x9's with 0 camber so some big xd9's should be easy bro. Atm i need some splitfires and some more suspension bits, I'm sure later on ill go for a bigger turbo, injectors z32 and ecu. But until my driving gets better I dont really need that much power. so your selling the other s14 then?
  9. Springvale special s14a.

    cheers guys! havn't had a chance to really "drive" in ages. didnt see you at deca man? i heard you bought my mates s14 eh. hows it going? xd9's are long gone bro
  10. Honda powered Silvia... Featured in ZOOM Magazine

    i never thought anyone would do this conversion, especially in Australia. Awesome work mate!
  11. Springvale special s14a.

    Next outing will hopefully be feb matsuri, cant wait!
  12. Springvale special s14a.

    i was hoping to do winton prac day but couldnt make it. So i went to deca shepperton for a skidpan day. I drove the car there and back without any issues. Love it

    My current collection
  14. Springvale special s14a.

    second run @ 11psi