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  1. kris's A31 Cefiro

    long time no update lol, vid below long time no update lol, vid below
  2. great condition no cracks or anything can post anywhere in Aus or pick up from western suburbs of Melbourne $300 + postage
  3. are you going to put a bigger profile tyre or lower it?
  4. FOR SALE Kakimoto NG-T (full set) 17X9 +8 fronts, clear 4 pots 17X9.5 +15 rears Will come bare with no tyres, wheels are in decent condition, slight rash and markings on all but overall pretty good, no centre caps, fronts are bare allot centers with polished lips, rears are black centers with polished lip Pick up only from Melbourne Western Suburbs $1500 firm
  5. pull the front of the turbo off so youre just bolting the rear housing on and then the front housing/core back on
  6. crank it over by hand to see if it all met up to the markings again after a full rotation?
  7. Trust TypeR watsegate

    happy to pay postage after TypeR model only
  8. Skyline 4door,

    33/34 sedan has heaps of rear leg room, 32 not so much but still more than the coupe version
  9. Problems with tune

    so it has a stock AFM?
  10. Rare s13 options/parts

    pop up on YJ all the time
  11. Rare s13 options/parts

    R32 knee pads on YJ at the moment http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n137226446
  12. 1JZ Cefiro

    whered you source that boot from?
  13. R32 SMIC into S13

    just buy an S13 one, people throw them away