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  1. Nope, yellow sticker and was working the mines so it lapsed.
  2. I have thrown it up on there now, thanks mop. I also put it on Perth WA Crime Reports.
  3. Not sure where to post this, please let me know if I need to move. Car stolen at 3am this morning from Wembley Downs, Perth. They entered house and stole wallet also. The wallet was found on footpath next to Brighton dog beach, therefore they were heading North. Please note: The car has a modified body kit on it, 180 SX Vertex full body kit, which I do not have pictures of. This is what the kit looks like: Vertex Body Kit It had a Garrett GT2860rs turbo on it. Licence plate: JPEX Front bumber had been cracked on right side. Left side skirt had also been damaged. I don't have any further details about the mechanical side as its my brothers car who is currently up north in the mines Please pm me if you hear anything come up, cheers.
  4. What to do?

    Clutch plates?
  5. What to do?

    What pricing could I possibly be looking at by selling as is?
  6. Hey guys, *I have not made enough posts for selling, simply looking for advice.* Have a 1992 S13 Q's with SR20DE, Auto :/ Engine rebuilt 15,000km's ago and clutch is now gone, possibly looking at new gearbox aswell. I am looking at selling the car and am curious as to whether or not I should get the clutch fixed and sell it to a P plater or try get it sold as a project/track car? Attached a couple of photos, sunroof, dvd player, 13" Sub and electronic hud display with shocking leather seats Any help would be much appreciated. Dan
  7. ps3 died

    Mmm doubt game killed it, possibly overheat, ever try getting all the dust out, just grab a vacuum
  8. The Home Theatre Thread

    My dad has a really good setup, a huge difference though is the lighting in the room. First house one dark feature wall. Second house dark walls and thick curtains. We could use the theatre room during the day and it would look exactly the same as it would at night.
  9. Virgin Galactic

    Im curious as to how commercial he can make it.
  10. lifting vs social life

    Its not were you go its who you go with. I could go out with a couple of mates and have the worst night, time and time again, I go with a couple of other mates and have the time of my life... But its just having that balance aswell makes it interesting
  11. Long time lurker first time poster

    Its a little like an AA intro, I like it
  12. 180sx ecu problem?

    Just the front bar, left front lights and the left fender, there was no damage done to the engine, radiator, fmic or anything.
  13. Hey guys, gotta 1993 180sx with, fmic, pod, exhaust and disco potato, with it all being apparently "tuned" up. Had a little prang so the cars been of the road for a while, but before that it drove fine. Anyways got it up an running the other day and the engine sounded good. But the rev limiter wasn't working and some of the electrics were playing up, then i was driving along and it just lost all of its power all of a sudden and the battery seems dead (brand new) Would any one have an idea as to whats going on? Cheers Jon
  14. Pioneer Speakers

    Anyone got any for sale in wa?
  15. SR20DE to SR20DET

    Thanks buddy, appreciate the help.