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  1. My passion!

  2. My passion!

    Sad news indeed. I know a guy who can get you a box from Thailand, best in the world.
  3. My passion!

    That does not sound like a problem at all. It's pretty much good to go then No idea what that means to be honest mate. There has been some decent rain down in Melbourne lately but I think the roof and windows are still functional.... I thought I was ahead Merlz, then you drop this bombshell that the motor is ready? f**ksake.
  4. My passion!

    no because he hasnt driven his car in the past 3 years merlz when the f**k is this going to be out of japwarehouse??? About the same time he buys a Pagani Huayra
  5. Personally a cat person but this was awesome.
  6. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Was always the dark horse in a race and man could he defend! Like Kubica was a staunch competitor that would piss you off if he was in front of the driver you follow because he would shut the door on any passing attempt
  7. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Formula One Kimi Raikkonen set to join Fernando Alonso at Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen is on the verge of being confirmed as a Ferrari driver for next year's Formula 1 season. The Finn's deal to rejoin the team for whom he won the world title in 2007 is said to have been completed on Monday and could be announced imminently. Raikkonen, 33, will be team-mate to Fernando Alonso, world champion in 2005-6, completing arguably the strongest driver line-up in Formula 1. The decision would end Brazilian Felipe Massa's eight-year spell at the team. did..... not.... see..... that... coming.
  8. kris's A31 Cefiro

    Is that Biggie?
  9. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    I wonder what fuel RBR are using :ph34r:
  10. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Should have had it open on the EPL site, they had one chat box for the entire site's streaming sport.....was interesting seeing F1 and EPL fans chatting at the same time...
  11. 2013 Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Na no failures at speed but you missed a hell of a Q3, Di Resta NEARLY got pole because he had inters on a drying track before it rained mid Q3 and everyone lost grip and 2~3 seconds on him and then in the last 2 minutes of the session the track miraculously dried up and Rosberg got up by like 8 one hundreths but then the flag drops for the end of the session... Hold on kids this is where it gets REAL interesting...... on his last flyer after session end Webber blasts through; goes pole....then Vettel the *milkshake* on a final flyer after the flag......rips the pole from his hands and goes 1 second faster THEN HAMILTON SMASHES THROUGH STRAIGHT AFTER THE KRAUT FOR POLE!! Di Resta was pulled in because they thought they had it.....nek minnut is fifth LOL. Was devastated a Force India was going to have pole at spa, but the F1 Gods showed mercy this weekend. Ead Force Fags.
  12. The Blue and Red series are only recent additions to their stock list Look at Nigel's ute, MCA custom coilovers...they are pretty damm low.... Jack Monkhouse's rally s15, sit high for his particular application. In other words if you want to lay rail but without airbags they are more than happy to accomodate with a coiliover to suit.