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  1. S15 immobilizer

    Ok deffinately going to go aftermarket (: thanks guys ! Dont want to see snoodle getting stolen ! P.s; my boyfriend thinks I'm really pretty too
  2. S15 immobilizer

    Thankyou (: I think a gps one would be a great assist ! How do I go about getting around the standard one ? Or can a shop just do that ? No the name is Mercedes
  3. S15 immobilizer

    Hey guys, I picked up an s15 a few months ago and want to learn more about the immobilizer. As so many cars are getting stolen on the coast I want to know if the standard immobilizer is any good. What do you know about it ? And are they suppose to come with a little remote ?? Like keyless entry ? Cheers guys, Mercedes.
  4. s15 build ft. r32 build

  5. s15 build ft. r32 build

    So I finally made up my mind on selling my 1991 n/a silvia, it was a hard decision but a good one. Ended up getting $9,000 for it. I said my last goodbyes & I picked up a r32 skyline soon after. I picked the 32 up for a steal and original plans were to clean her up a bit and resale it for some profit but those plans have since changed completely. Few months later after picking up the 32 I then decided to spoil myself and get myself a s15 also. So now I have two awesome cars sitting in my garage, and the long, slow process & digging deep into my pockets of building two cars begins. R32 specs; 1993 r32 Nissan Skyline gtst. - rb20det, manual - Tein coilover all round - geniune GTR bonnet & M spec body kit - 3inch exhaust, dump into stainless twin pipes - spolier less bonnet - front mount intercool - front strut brace - battery relocated to boot - gauges & basic stero system set up As said before the plan was to fix her up and resell it for a profit but the new game plan is to build it up as a drifter. I haven't done much as of yet as I was saving, at the time didn't know what for, but turns out for a s15. The only things I have done to it so far are lowering it, put a deep dish OMP steering wheel & flogged the hell out of it. Plans; - shim the diff - lock spacers - Nice front wheels - half cage - Decent front wheels - half cage - set up a good cooling system Pretty basic project & shouldn't take too much time or money. Then comes the s15, this is going to be my big project as it's going to be my baby, my daily & my car I want to show off. I don't intend on drifting it, but keen to take it through the mountains. s15 specs; Gun Metal Grey 2001, ADM spec R, 6 speed manual Pretty much standard, great condition. Minor mods include: - 3 inch exhaust - front camber arms - pod - front strut brace I can't wait to pour money into this beast, I'm already inlove with it & can't wait to build it into a monster. Plans; - Fibre bonnet (black) - clear tail lights - gauges, good sound system - take spoiler off - fat wheels - racing logic coil overs - eye lids - thinking kit - sparco deep dish steering wheel - twin pipes - Engine work Basically I want to build it into a mean looking car, thats a dream to drive with abit of power. I've had it for a week and have already bought her gauges to go in, sound system and am aquiring the racing logic coilovers. I'm very excited to build up both cars and will keep everyone posted (: !
  6. s15 build ft. r32 build

    So I finally made up my mind & sold my 1991 s13 n/a for a great deal of $9000, it was a very hard choice but in the end it was a great one. Soon after I got my hand on a 1993 r32 nissan skyline gtst. I got this car for a steal and orinigal plans were to clean it up and resale to make a profit but that has slightly strayed. After having a the 32 for a few months, I finally gave in and spoiled myself by getting a s15. So I have two lovely cars sitting in my garage & the slow process & digging deep in to my pocket of building two cars up has begun. R32 specs; So I picked this beast up with - - rb20det, manual - Tein coilovers all round - Genuine GTR bonnet & M spec kit - Spoiler less boot - 3inch exhaust, dump pipe into stainless twin pipes - front mount intercooler - front strut brace - Battery relocated to boot - gauges & basic stero system set up Plans for the 32 are to basically set her up purely for drift. I haven't done much to it as of yet as I was saving for a s15 but so
  7. Help needed in newy

    Hey guys, I am in Newcastle ATM trying to get home to the gold coast. Came across a problem as i got a wrecked tire and being a public holiday no where can change it. So now am looking for some rims for sale with tires. They will be going on my r32 114.3x5 so if you have any rims that size kicking around that you want to get rid of cheap or if you can point me in the right direction please text/call 0421924271 Cheers Mercedes
  8. Newcastle Spotted Thread

    Hey guys, I'm in Newcastle ATM from the gold coast. In need of some cheap rims & tyres to get me back home. They will be going on my r32 114.3x5, it's a bit urgent so any help would be appreciated (: please text or call 0421924271 if you can help ! Cheers Mercedes (;
  9. JDM P - plate s13

    Yeah I know, I really want a different grill but for now that will do. Still need to put nismo sideskirts on! and I know it really needs more low in the front, need to stop spending money on clothes and get coilovers aha! :] um yeah the ca lips fit the sil bars just need to drill holes to bolt or zip it on, it's not a perfect perfect fit but it works!
  10. Official : Gold Coast Monthly Meets

    In :] organise ittttttt!
  11. JDM P - plate s13

    Thanks guys for the positive feedback :] haha funny enough my ex boyfriend did get me into imports & I got my current boyfriend in to them It's like a flu everyone catches! I bought the Bar & Lip together for $150 and selling the bar now for $100 hopfully making it that I only paid $50 for the lip :] Moar pictures!;
  12. JDM P - plate s13

    Got my CA lip yesterday, fitted it today! Inlove! aha
  13. JDM P - plate s13

    She's pretty much on her ass in the back! THE PLAN; - Get front coilover & lower the front and get the fetment to my liking. - Get CA Lip and fit that - Roof wing, will be ordering that from Japan within a few weeks unless I find one here cheapish - got my side skirts just need to buy paint and spray them and then that should be my car done! Then I'm getting a photoshoot done of Me & my car! Hopefully I can do all this within a month or so!
  14. Official : Gold Coast Monthly Meets

    Was a good day! :] The windy roads were awesome!
  15. Official : Gold Coast Monthly Meets

    Should go through springbrooke it's a nice windy drive :]