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  1. What happened to hip hop/rap?

    Woah! Spitting image (no pun intended {no pun intended there either}). Thats awesome. He's doing his dad justice, which is more than you can say for the likes of YDB.
  2. Price : $100 Condition : Good Hey guys, I'm looking for a standard S13 front bumper. It needs to be blue and preferably with little to no scratches/chips. I would prefer something around the Ballarat/Melbourne area so I can pick it up, but let me know what you have lying around anyway. Pm me if you can help out Edit: Also looking for..... - Center console - Right hand side front Indicator
  3. Should marijuana be legal

    Narrow minded people like stevep are exactly like everyone labeling people who drive imports hoons. FOR F*CKS SAKES MAN. You are the biggest f*cking hipocrit. Now, onto the topic. It amazes me that weed isnt at least decriminalized. It is proven that the effects of marijuana are not as bad for you as alchohol. But, at the end of the day it doesnt really matter. I know that myself and my mates will smoke either way. PS: Stevep is a douche'
  4. 1991 Nissan 180sx

    That offset is 1000% perfect in my opinion. Beautiful car Nigel
  5. What and where am I supposed to be looking. I can't see any changes
  6. BIGGEST INJUSTICE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!! Hell yeah. If they're the flaming fries they were the absolute bomb. I miss them so much. Hell yeah. Kids tv shows were at another level back then. They were incedible. Especially cat dog. I miss it so much. This is making me depressed at how the world is now. Hell yeah they were sick. Ohhh and how Goosebumps used to be on tv. Hahaha they used to play it at school during wet day time tables. Worst tv show but was creepy as in primary school. - Although it hasnt gone altogether I miss being in primary school. By far the best time of anyones life. I wanna go back. - The 90's (it was the shit) - a lot of other shit like being friends with your neighbour, footy in the streets, etc. - Dr. Pepper Glad to see go: - Big Brother +10000000 - All the alternative flavours of coke apart from vanilla. Especially lemon. - Ripped jeans Could think of tonnes more stuff for both but cbf. Life was so much better back then
  7. show us your burnout

    Burnouts are mad, but powerskids are where its at. I remember seeing a video of all these v8 with massive superchargers doing them and then i saw that green r32 that has like 400kw come out and he f**king schooled them all. Just wish I could find the video again
  8. Newby :)

    Been searching since the start of this year and finally a set of genuine S13 Aero Option skirts turned up, so I had to have them. Anyhoo. Now all I need is a set of pods and I will be happy as Larry =)
  9. Hey guys, Just found this on ebay and I'm sure there is a lot of you who have been looking for it. So get in quick while its still on the market http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Geniune-Sil...bayphotohosting
  10. DEFQON

    Wait a minute guys. Someone just infromed me and I read the paper and Defqon.1 has been cancelled. Only the Melbourne event so far but for gods sake please tell me Sydney is going to be going. Details can be found on the age website. Type in Defqon and see where it gets you.

    SCUM dot dot dot period
  12. quake III in a web browser... wtf

    Why can't I go to part 3 of download?
  13. Kevin Rudd Money

    Do you have ot be over 18 to recieve the munge?
  14. Pullups

    Care to explain what is so bad about lat pull downs? Ohhh and also cross and bend your legs and get someone to lift you up and do a couple of reps. That is how I learnt to do them. Make sure you are really working for every rep though otherwise there is no benefit.
  15. DEFQON

    I thought that Defqon was an Amsterdam only event. But f**k yeah. Sydney. Going to be intense. Any idea on the line up???