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  1. Z32 AFM wiring harness/plug......

    ALL SOLD !
  2. I have 3 x Z32 AFM wiring harness/plugs (brand new/never been used) $19.95ea plus postage. These wiring harnesses for converting to the Z32 AFM are 15cms long and come complete with Quick Release connectors and wiring instructions. The AFM signal/ground wires are shielded to minimise electromagnetic interference, the harness is heat shrink tubing wrapped and the connector has weatherproof seals plus a rubber boot for added protection. Bank transfer or Paypal (personal transfer ONLY, no credit cards) Message me for details or if you have any questions
  3. ***Sard**

    pm sent Sorry, 540cc pre '94 model
  4. [Sard Master Shop]-new price

    Can you get Sard 540cc sidefeed injectors for a 300zx ?
  5. ***Sard**

    Do the 550 Sard injectors for a 300zx come complete with everything needed to fit ? O rings, connectors, collars, screws etc And are they in stock ?