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  1. S15 Wheel Offset

    20x8+40 front and rear
  2. So your saying you personally run your temps to 34psi hot? There's your problem.
  3. Yeh was I nice little project. Engine temps are pretty solid on the street, I haven't had it on the track yet but I don't see there being any issues. Theres almost no lag due to piping size and length.
  4. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    The exhaust mani is clearly visable..
  5. opinions for boost controllers

    I had a turbotech v2 mbc, set and held boost rock solid. Now have a turbo smart eboost street 40, can run wastegate pressure and a high boost setting, hold boost solid aswell but I need to play around with the gain I think.. Both work really well depends on your budget.
  6. Check pcv valve, clean afm check vacume lines etc..
  7. another rim fitment thread

    You need rear camber and toe arms
  8. http://www.nissansilvia.com.au/forums/index.php?showtopic=493022&st=0
  9. What tyres you running?
  10. Il will raise the boiling point of the coolant, assuming you have good one in there. I'm not sure about upping the pressure on the stock rad tho, could be a bad idea if its an old rad.
  11. Yeh I do track the car but i drive it to work most days aswell which is why I got the qfm pads. the pads are good for the street but after a few hard laps they turned to shit. I will try some better pads next time but eventually I want to upgrade. Cheers guys
  12. after further research it says ships directly from taiwan so prob made in the same factory?.. ill look into the willwood kits, thanks man
  13. Hey guys, I want to upgrade the brakes on my s15, I currently have standard s15 brakes with slotted rotors and qfm a1rm pads all round. I have decided im either going to go the r34 front and rear combo or one of these big brake kits for the front with the skyline rears. (which i already have bought) Keen to hear others thoughts on this, i know theres plenty of info around already just thought i would post up the link anyways just incase anyone else was interested. http://pbbrakes.com/nissan-240sx-89-97-front-big-brake-kit.html Cheers, Angelo
  14. ^ hahahahaha we got a squirter!
  15. Fabrication Pics Thread

    Awesome^ Ive been wanting to make one of these for a while but I want twin 3.5 inch tips. Are these louder than a strait through cannon or about the same?