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  1. WTB: white type X/ JDM S15

    Haven't been on here in years so dunno if people see this. I'm on the look out for a white type X or JDM S15. Preferably as stock as possible. From Adelaide but willing to go interstate as we have nothing down here
  2. I dunno man. I personally don't get the vibe of it being 'secure' when I look at that trailer. If you look around i'm sure you'll be able to find a more decent one for a little more $$ I'd rather pay a little more for piece of mind.
  3. Today Tonight

    sighh. its always the commos. why dont cops crack down on them instead of the imports. makes me sad
  4. 180sx rear lights half working

    @barbie Yup, they just light up brighter when the brakes are applied. @mandi Both circles are lit when the lights are turned on, and go brighter when you step on the brakes. The wiring is the same between the type X and non-type X. There are quite a few wiring guides online aswell.
  5. 180sx rear lights half working

    problem fixed. spliced both bulbs onto the same harness. all lights now work.
  6. 180sx rear lights half working

    @JDM~180 In my dp both of the circles light up when you turn the lights on, like it should be. But I only have the outermost circle lit, and if i connect the inner light, it fries the fuse. @LMFAO Bulbs are correct
  7. I just fitted a pair of type X tail lights to my non-type X 180sx. They work fine but only one bulb on each light would work. I've tried connecting both bulbs, but that just fries the fuse. Have checked all the wiring. Any ideas would be good.
  8. part number thread

    I can't seem to find the thread that you can post in to ask for the part number of parts with the new layout. Can someone point me in that direction. Thanks
  9. Mighty Car Mods SE4 Premiere

    maaaaad. even though videos are released slower, it definitely keeps getting better. keep up the great work.
  10. Honda NSX 2015 confirmed

    looks kinda like a flatter, 2 door version of the mazda 6
  11. Abandoned/Haunted Places In S.A

    Apparently theres a haunted house on Nash Rd going into Virginia. Bro said a few of his friends were driving to check it out and as they were going down the road there car just stopped and didnt start up again. So they legged down the road.
  12. NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

    yup. exactly what im looking for. many thanks
  13. NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

    is that for both ends? just making sure
  14. NISSAN FAST Thread (Thread Now Closed)

    hey I after the part number for the electrical connectors on the positive battery cable. its for a ca18 if that helps.