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  1. i dont think the white wheels look as good as the black could be if you take the time and do a good spray job i changed my wheels from shitarse chromies and went with black (red car also) and it changed the look completely if it doesnt work out just spray the kahnts white again, or silver,or farkin green till ya goddamn happy
  2. cheating girlfriend?

    good one
  3. look

    what the ? could have at least put some big asre wheels on to fill the guards
  4. Boost

    mate love your car what are turbo are you upgrading to ?
  5. ugly wheels

    nice ride though easy enough to change the wheels, shiteload of options out there
  6. ugly wheels

    i like black wheels but the 3 spoke aren`t gr8 (rose looks tuff tho)
  7. Boost

    11 psi with gt2835r 20 was too much for daily driving
  8. Worst Movies ever made...

    shark swarm holy fuc**ng god. you wouldnt think someone could make a dumber movie that seems to go for ever, and im a dumbarse for watching the whole thing
  9. black wheels look good with the red duco, as for size i have 19x275 on the rear and 19x245 front and dont have any issues. just make sure you get the guards rolled. try ozzy tyres???
  10. Should i buy a 350z/34 GTR?

    as long as it has a nissan badge on it you cant go wrong