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  1. NS.Com NSW Hook-Ups

    Hey guys, I work thru a marketing company for foxtel, most will know right now we have free IQ for 12 months and free installation (to new sign-ups) on our latest offer ending on christmas eve. I can also get you free IQ unlimited (for as long as you choose to use foxtel) and a free first month on our family value pack (valued at $72). I can only do this while the current offer is active so anyone interested in hookin up foxtel at your joint before christmas drop me a line on 0424 155 180. *note: I wont be answering private numbers so please call with number sending on,alternatively sms me and I'l call you back asap. from sign-up depending on area I can have you connected in a few days. PS: new rhys millen drift show premiers on turbo max channel soon so be quick. cheers guys
  2. lil'day cruise

    PM frontline and tell him to organise another meet up... best way to meet people from the forums dude
  3. NSW Spotted Thread

    got gated by a black widebody 180 in campbeltown 2nite,i think around 8:30ish. if your on here your car looks aewsome n sounds crazy dude
  4. 180sx wheel spacer dimensions

    are you going to make bolt ons or slip ons? are you handy with metal fabrication? as if you mess up your going to end up heading for a gutter on 3 wheels. pretty sure they are illegal in every state. best bet if your serious buy some hubcentric bolt on spacers. width will be a matter of your current offest/width and where you want the wheels to sit
  5. This sign...

    LMAO gold. anyone got a hacksaw i can borrow and details of where to find this sign??
  6. ebay dude, they usually have a bunch
  7. NSW Spotted Thread

    spotted fly200 in wetherill park around 4pm at the shopping centre. nice car man,clean as, exhaust sounds mean
  8. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    sounds sweet dude,il call you morning of the cruise anyways
  9. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    yeah all done,look sweet,feel great still meeting me n a few other cars at the burger king before the meet?
  10. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    your a goose kev haha
  11. NSW Spotted Thread

    black S15 on GWH @ parra, looked pretty stock but didnt get a good look or the plates unfortunately,turned down cumberland hwy abit after 2pm,female driver
  12. Sunday the 17th Cruise

    hmmm i may head up 2 thornliegh maccas and join in if i wake up in time
  13. Problem With brake

    sounds like a problem in one of the caliper pistons. maybe getting random pressures forcing it in and out quickly,could attribute to the shuttering. also check your lines for any blockages
  14. NSW Spotted Thread

    i was looking for you chindo, was gonna egg your house but got there and realised i had no eggs haha
  15. Sydney West Meet/Cruise #2

    ^^ just get to my house by 10:50am man lol