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    Anyone have a guard rollor I can borrow for a weekend or two? I'm too cheap to pay a workshop to roll them and I am 1 step away from using a baseball bat

    Anyone got a electric thermostate fan for a 180/s13.I have heard s14 ones can b modified. I munted my clutch fan and now its got like 3 blades left so I want to go for the twin electric with alluminium shroud.

    wtb rear coilovers for my 180sx
  4. I hve gtr 32 fronts and type x rear, they match perfectly! I also have the full type x interior so everything matches, it took a while to find everything but looks nice and modern for a 19 yr old car, i will dig around for some photos if you want.
  5. Local PARTS for sale

    Yeah i only wanted to sell mine so i didnt have to move it. Thankfully Eiji and Tom helped me move it the day before i had to vacate the house. Decided to keep it so i can blow my current black top and drop it straight in. Also got to keep my HD clutch for when my one goes from me kicking it too much :-P And mine was a black top s13 sr20
  6. Local PARTS for sale

    Apparently no1 wanted a cheap engine/no one could come up with money so vry big thanks to everyone that helped me move the heavy $"&$ I now have a spare yayai still hve the FMIC Pm if interested
  7. Local PARTS for sale

    Pms replied
  8. Local PARTS for sale

    Hey i am having a "sh!t wont fit into my new garage sale. 96 180sx shell w/o hatch, SOLD Engine, loom, ecu and box-$1600 Interior parts free on pick up Side intercooler free on pick up FMIC with sr piping $200 ono Lhs front gaurd gone Bonnet gone Alot more crap for free or very cheap 94 seats - sold If the shell isnt gone by the 25th its going to the ezy scrap but i would prefer it to go to the inport community Pick up near war memorial. All thats left is box and motor an FMIC
  9. Local PARTS for sale

    Skirts are sold pending payment sorry
  10. Local PARTS for sale

    hey guys i got my type x back and started stripping it. pretty much everything is for sale except what i am taking for my car. not for sale: Turbo radiator Exhaust Coilovers lights bodykit rear hatch i might part with the crackless dash for the right price engine and gear box i have decided what to do with yet. i might rebuild them as a spares for the new 180. everything else is pretty much up for grabs even the wheels just pm me what your after and we can go from there. LHF guard (straight) $100 Uras (i think) side skirts, white $25 rear bar and type x pods plus valance will be for sale after i decide which ones i want to keep (got two sets one white and one black. the one in better condition will end up on my car) shell can be registered last had NSW rego (jun 2012) if anyone wants the shell it has a lot of rust damage on passenger side and fire wall. probably make a great track car or if your game fix it! i was going to fix it but i weighed up the opinions and bought a new one. pm me and i can take photos and send them to you of what ever your after.
  11. Car theives etc

    Thats Usually how "justice" works isnt it?

    Saw a grey s15 in calwell yesterday. And a bunch of different s13's in fyshwick.

    Ahhh you kidding me! Mind if i swing by tomorrow arvo and try it?

    Hey i need a passenger seatbelt for a 180sx/s13 My gf hates riding in the back seat, hits her head on the roof too much so i need it asap. Even if its just to loan for a few weeks till i can get my track 180 back and i will nick it off that Pm me

    Yesterday arvo i Spotted a silver s15 at the end of monaro and a red s13 was 2 cars behind me at london circuit lights in civic