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  1. Hey guys, got a pretty much stock 97 180sx black top sr20det and was looking to get as much reliable power as i can out of the stock turbo. What can the stock turbo's run safely? I was ganna get a PFC maybe D-Jetro dunno yet and dunno what else i'll need. Thanks
  2. Hey guys, ganna get my power fc d-jetro put in my 180sx soon and wondering what i need to get? Like to replace the afm and anything else. Thanks, -Mike
  3. How to? Power fc D-jetro SR20

    Oh sweet! thanks man, now i just need to find someone who can tune a d-jetro
  4. Hey, just wondering if an ecu remap would be needed after upgrading to a gt28r, 550cc injectors and gtr fuel pump. Was ganna get it done a little bit after getting all the stuff put in. Would it be alright without getting the ecu tuned straight away? Thanks, -Mike
  5. Upgrading turbo, injectors, fuel pump in s13

    Also would 200kw be achievable with those mods aswell as the car having fmic, 3" full exhaust, pod. cheers
  6. Upgrading turbo, injectors, fuel pump in s13

    yeah, do you reckon it would be safe to drive it without any tuning? Just to the tuner shop obviously.
  7. Garrett GT Turbos

    Hey, would you be able to beat the deal that shift performance are doing at the moment? $899 for GT28r. I'm looking to buy one aswell as 2x 2560 -5 GTR turbo's. If you could do us a deal delivered to Vic i can wire you the cash straight up. Thanks, -Mike

    Hey, also wondering if you could do a package deal on 2x GT2860 -5 GTR and 1x 2560. Thanks, -Mike

    Hey, wondering if this deals still available. PM SENT. Cheers, -Mike
  10. Hey guys, just wondering if the Garrett GT2871 will bolt on no hassles for a 180sx. Thanks
  11. GT2871 Direct bolt on for 180sx?

    Sounds pretty good, i'll prob get a braided line kit from horsepower in a box when i buy my turbo. I guess i'll leave the intake mods to my mechanic. Cheers for the help guys.
  12. hey guys, just wondering if there is anything else i'll need to get/do when putting lowering springs in the front of a 180sx. All i was going to do was swap the springs and do an alignment. Thanks, -Mike
  13. what else do i need? lowering 180sx front end

    I guess i could go some KYB's probly cost me about $350 for the fronts. bringing my total spend to $400, i guess thats not too bad compared to what i've been through in the past. There really is no such thing as a good cheap way to do anything.
  14. what else do i need? lowering 180sx front end

    yea def the way to go. although i always found after adding up costs of shocks and springs it almost didnt seem worth it since u can get coilovers pretty cheap but then again that depends on how good quality coilovers u'd want Yeah true as. I mean i just wanted a budget job on the front as they sit sooo high standard. How do the shocks fail though? It's not like they're actually going to break or anything. I just imagined it would be a pretty stiff bounce of a ride.
  15. Any know what i'd be looking at paying for a turbo rebuild? Thanks
  16. How much to rebuild a turbo?

    Hmm can you buy new blades?
  17. How much to rebuild a turbo?

    Yeah im upgrading my s13 turbo to a t28bb but trying to figure out if its worth rebuilding one thats got a bent compressor blade?
  18. How much to rebuild a turbo?

    Damn! thats more than i expected. You can buy genuine garrett rebuild kits for like 75 bucks off ebay. So its basically all labour?
  19. Any know of whos selling there T28 out of their s15 let me know please! thanks heaps.
  20. Looking for T28 out of an s15!

    Yeah tried to but it wouldn't let me in that section??? Some error message came up.
  21. How to get 200kw out of sr20det with std turbo

    Yep im ganna go a T28 from an s15 with a front mount and front/dump pipes. Should be looking at over 180kw with standard ecu tune. Thanks to Ben from Racepace!
  22. How to get 200kw out of sr20det with std turbo

    Yeah i was thinking of putting an exedy heavy duty in it. What you think of the cushion button clutches? thanks
  23. How to get 200kw out of sr20det with std turbo

    dude if u want 200 do this and only this t28 ball bearing turbo s15 injectors walbro gs341/bosch 040 fuel pump power fc ecu z32 afm its not a probably with the fuel pump and injectors, its a must. do them before u do nething else. if ur car doesnt get sufficient fuel, BOOM. plus ur stock fuel pump will shit its self in no time with that power (if it hasnt already). Yeah i was thinking something like that, except maybe a d-jetro instead (heard they were real good). What about the standard clutch you reckon? it probably wouldn't last long with 200kw? cheers
  24. Power figures for stockish setups

    Thats really good! hows the standard turb like 14.2 psi? I want to get 180kw out of my 97 type x 180sx with a power fc d-jetro. Been told its possible with just an exhaust and injectors and fuel pump
  25. alarm kit

    How much did you get it for? I had to pay $595 fitted for my cyclops full setup. Its got the batery backup and window break sensor and stuff. Only one i could find that worked well with turbo timer and with its own central locking stuff.