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  1. The sensor has to be matched to the gauge. They work as a pair. At the worst it will read incorrectly or even backwards.
  2. s15 subframe misalignment

    From factory, every part and every join, has a small tolerance. If all of those tolerances are set to one side, you will eventually have a big difference.
  3. S13 - SR20 front brake calipers (prefer Syd)

    I have stock S13 calipers and rotors. Make a sensible offer. Pick up in Nowra, NSW.
  4. Advice of Water to Air Radiator

    my rad is 700 by 200mm. 12" would scrape on the road!
  5. Advice of Water to Air Radiator

    My radiator for my w2a setup sits under the front reo bar, with just enough ground clearance to not bottom out. It was part of a specific kit from eBay US. Works a treat.
  6. r200 diff with 3.916 gears

    Is there a way to tell what ratio, without pulling the diff apart? I have a full 6 bolt cradle, filled with Nolathane bushes, I bought for a FWD to RWD conversion that didn't happen. It owes me $400, less than the Nolathane bushes cost.
  7. Could even be a cheap chinese copy. A mate had one that looked so real Turbosmart were the only ones able to pick it.
  8. s13 sr20de engine

    I have a motor, unfortunately no gearbox. South Coast, $300 pickup.
  9. Temora 1000 suggestions

    Nissan Sports Car Club?
  10. Up for sale I have an S14 diff in cradle with all the usual bits bolted onto it. I think the struts have King springs, they are yellow at least. All of the cradle and diff mount bushes are Nolathane, but one adjusting washer is missing. There is a spare setup, in pieces, with a split/cracked cradle and stuffed bushes, included. The Nolathane alone is worth $500, which is all I want for the whole setup. Pickup is at Worrigee, South Coast of NSW.
  11. Defi Advance ZD

    Innovate MTX-L and MTX-D. I have all of them. Gameon Motorsport, eBay.
  12. I need s14 parts!

    I have an S14 rack. I'll get it out and take some pics for you. PM me a mobile number and a list of anything else S14 you want.
  13. Temp sender issue

    I have fitted the temp sender into a sump drain plug, before. If the sump plug is big enough. Mine is in a sandwich plate, with the turbo oil feed line, with no problems.
  14. Made 2 Race (M2R) helmet x 2

    Where is pickup?