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  1. s15 Headlight lens

    Wow... so it doesn't seem like any one has ever removed a s15 headlight lens before... I'm just starting to wonder if the lens is suppose to come off without breaking the headlight in some way... the main reason I don't want to try the oven method yet is because my headlights are pretty much brand new... so they are crystal clear with no scratches... soo it takes a lot of guts to put them in the oven... worst comes to worst ill just have to live with a bit of silicon in the headlight lens =(
  2. s15 Headlight lens

    Yeh I have searched but they have all been different headlights...not s15's.. the main reason I'm having trouble with the "s15 headlight" is because there are screw's that are connected INSIDE the lens...which are impossible to get? unless you remove the lens first... now if someone can clarify with me that the the Dark grey plastic cover on the INSIDE of the lens(the plastic cover that has the "silvia" logo on the side) is suppose to be come out with the lens (because it is connected to the lens by screws on the inside)...Seems like its meant to come out attached to the lens =S but I just want to make sure before I FORCE it open =P Thanks
  3. s15 Headlight lens

    Has anyone experienced taking apart an s15 headlight to get to the lens? I've taken apart all the visible screws ect... heated it with a heat gun...trying to ply it open with a screw driver...but it the lens wont budge...either its stuck on there realllll good or theres some clips or screws I'm missing? Yet to try putting it in an oven as s15 headlights are plastic and it doesn't seem like a good idea putting plastic in the oven =S I'd rather leave the oven as the LAST option... p.s. for people wondering why I am even removing the lens well...I had a gap in one of the seals of the headlight so I filled the gap up with some silicon and it was a bit too much silicon... so it leaked into the headlight area... so I have to remove the lens to clean up the mess... so any suggestions or methods of removing the lens would be great! Thanks Frankie