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  1. Drilling out knuckles

    Expanding a hole is never going to work well with a normal twist drill, as it is not cutting on its indented surface ( i assume you are expanding ) if you get a cobalt drill bit it may last you a bit longer, use cutting fluid, slow speed and take your time!
  2. someone should buy these!! you would be the coolest guy in town
  3. I am selling the wheels off my very long term project because i want different ones These are baller af rims! super deep dish! $3500 a little negotiable.. http://www.ebay.com....984.m1555.l2649
  4. S1480 widebody build.....

    SOOOO nearly 2 years after my last post!!!!!! I have something decent to show everyone, thats if silvia's/180's are even cool anymore....haha As i said in my last post it sat.....and sat.....and sat around at a very good mate on mine's panel shop, occasionally getting little bits of work done, until one day i sent a mms of a light grey s14a to my mate with a smiley face :-) A few hours later i received a pic back of my damaged door sil cut out!! Turns out he took the pic as a hint!!! I used to drop by his work quite frequently as we lived very close to each other in Albury. I moved back to Melbourne at the start of this year so i couldn't just pop in for a look :-( I kept getting pics of little bits that he had done and within 2 months my 180 had received more work than it has the last 2 years, which was very exiting. Anyway enough talk, here are some of the progress shots so far, if you read the whole build thread (which will take you a whole 3 minutes....haha) you will see a few changes....which im wrapped with!!!! All the parts and car are currently in epoxy primer, still a bit of work to get the guards and that straight, but its come a long way :-)
  5. Yeah polished aluminium looks sweet, if you polish it and don't clear it, it stains easier from brake dust and water etc and you will have to redo it over and over. If you clear it you can give them a clean and they will look like new again, just stay away from the gutters
  6. If you going to clear coat it, por15 make a special clear for aluminium and maybe other metals, it adheres to the ally better than 2pak so will be less likely to chip or peel Hope that kelps
  7. blackout Type-X 180 daily

    Sweet type x man....black wheels on black car looks awesome, a bit more lowness would be nice too!!
  8. S1480 widebody build.....

    Nothing much has changed, collecting dust at the panel shop, I'm waiting on some body parts to arrive, won't say too much but it will look super when it's done!! Haha will put up some pics to keep you interested.
  9. S1480 widebody build.....

    thanks mate, yeah took me a while to decide on coilovers, thought id give them a go, they have pretty good reviews so yeah, thanks for the kudos thanks mate, coming from the master....hehe im still around, things came to a holt and i got another car, so i gave it some love, the one-eighty is at the panel shop now so things are on the move again!! the exhaust will get fitted once its painted, cant wait to fit it up the flutes are very mad, they are exhaust tech flutes, i got them, the jun bl muffler, metal cat and 2in1 split/dump pipe for around $1200 from memory thanks mate, will definatly be lowering once body is done, although the chasis rails scrape on the garage entry, nothing a grinder and diamond wheel cant fix
  10. wide fenders

    Haha, they wouldn't know offset if it slapped them in the face, I run 50mm rear guards with 10.5 -6 and it sits a couple of mm past the guard of my one eighty...
  11. S1480 widebody build.....

    Yeah the front bar isn't bolted up properly in the photos, it sit a fair bit lower than that. I know what colour I'm painting it, going for something that hasn't been done to the shit house, not letting up what it is just yet haha you'll have to Keep an eye on it...thanks for all the kind words lads
  12. S1480 widebody build.....

    Bit of an update....new parts type x lights: twin flutes, junbl muffler, metal cat, 2in1 front/dump pipe origin 50mm rear overfenders so all the wheels are on and i have wound the coiley's down to a decent height, i had to cut the rear quarters to accomidate for the wide guards, it went better than expected lukily i have quite a bit of welding hours under the belt which helped alot, i have one side done will do the other side this weekend. also got my rocker cover and calipers painted, thanks to a mate (dave at STATUS CUSTOMS) did an awesome job i couldnt stop looking at them..... so this is how the car stands right now, only a few more little things before it goes into the paint shop.....
  13. S13 carsales.com

    haha how rediculous, sweet wheels has some potential!!
  14. S1480 widebody build.....

    Im just using the 180 ones at the moment, might get some s14 ones at some stage or ill customize the current one to lower the bonnet a bit... bit of an update: started doing the 5 stud conversion, i opted for the r33 brake setup and rear drum handbrake and s14 knuckles with s14 ball joints pressed into existing lca's. done the rears fo far, which lets me finally fit the wheels i have had sitting there for 9 months wheels are work VSKF 18 x 9 -4 on front with a 215/40 tyre and 18 x 10.5 -6 on the rear with a 245 tyre, gives a nice stretch. been collecting some other parts aswell. bc coilovers br type greddy ls spec FMIC blitz oil cap nismo gear knob project mu 7 sided lock nuts sparco pedels key!s racing leather deep dish steering wheel and defi advance bf oil temp/water temp and boost gauges and control unit and my wheels again got some more bits on their way!!! a bit of feedback would be nice too