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  1. Rules: 1. copy and paste any funny/memorable/stupid/idiotic/whatever posts into this thread so everyone can have a laugh at someone elses expense. 2. there is no rule 2. for anyone that isn't sure how to copy and paste a quote, this is how: 1. click quote on the post you want to copy/quote. 2. copy the entire quote that comes up in the reply box at the bottom, quote tags and all. 3. paste the quote into a new post in this thread. 4. done. i'll start with this one, i feel a new trend coming on.... PS: thread idea actually goes to SteveP (resident grammar nazi), i just stole the idea from him.
  2. ok, lets say its a fatality.the dead body could be in the car thats off the side of the rd and the one blocking traffic the driver got out and is safe. moving that car could of lost valuable evidence. im only speculating here. do what every you feel is the best thing at the time i understand your point, but when it comes to vehicle collisions the evidence isn't the position the car itself is in, it's the course in which they took to get to that position. ie, skid marks, point of initial collision, marks in the road etc, all of which can be mapped out very easily by major crash (which they do at every fatality), so the evidence is literally painted on the road, and it's very easy to see where the final resting place of the car is or was, so moving a car (without a dead body in it) really doesn't have any effect on the case at hand, so to speak. as for moving a car with a body in it, well i'd hope that there isn't anyone in the world that would knowingly push a car off the road if it has a dead person in it, but hey, stranger things happen.
  3. im not hainvg a go at you, but what if police/major crash investigates had wanted to investigate? you just disturbed evidence. and it wasnt to save a life, it was to get traffic moving again. for starters major crash won't do shit unless it's a fatality, and in that case no one would try to move a car with a dead body in it just to get traffic moving.
  4. my point was that in this day and age people will take a photo or video to post on instagram or facebook, THEN they will start to help.
  5. I think you're view of the world is very dark and angry, and that most people that pull over and help because of the good inside them. There are many things i have seen that i will never talk about again at accidents. Of course, a small percentage of those that pull over will do it for personal interests and to feel like a hero, but it would be a small percentage. the average human wont do a good thing unless they can tell someone about the good thing they did, thus making them feel better. in this day and age hardly anyone does a good thing just because it's a good thing to do.
  6. here's a more accurate question: would any of you stop, help and do the right thing if you couldn't tell anyone about what you had done?
  7. Cheaper Phone Options.

    i use telstra pre paid on my iphone that i bought outright years ago. there's a cool little loophole you can do with the telstra ones. $50 gets you $1k of credit and 800Mb of data, after you recharge that you can then buy a plus pack using the same credit and get more data/calls/whatever you choose. so the one i usually get is $50 recharge, which gives me $1k credit with 800Mb data, then buy a browse plus pack for $49 and get an extra 3gig of data. the only reason i don't change is because telstra have the best reception. others might be better value, but what's the point in better value if you never have signal? (ie vodafone)
  8. Classic threads of ns

    would love to see current user stats (as in unique visits and new content) compared to before the hardtuned.net split up.
  9. ok i stupidly let my gf's mum borrow money from me, and of course now i can't get it back. she lives in America, i have all the receipts, transfer statements, bank statements etc. anyone got any ideas of how to get it back? personal debt collectors? please don't spam this thread with photos of the redneck debt collectors from the tv show, i need serious replies. i'd really like my money back.
  10. things that annoy you

    yeah what happened to that kid?
  11. Debt Collection (personal)

    dogshot. i think i'll take it into my own hands, except she has nothing of value.
  12. The Nostalgia Thread.

    will never be as good as the original, nothing ever is.
  13. things that annoy you

    got a dude on my fb that posts that shit every single day, here is a couple of his latest. EVERY f**king DAY, often a few times a day.
  14. things that annoy you

    Dogs are not born trained, if the owner is too dumb to lock their dog up or put a leash on it, i doubt they would bother training it. What a f**king moronic excuse. yeh that aren't born trained, thus the reason i said 'retarded dogs that aren't trained'.
  15. couple more from last night, i posted a few in the other thread before it was locked. 8 second shutter.
  16. things that annoy you

    There was a guy who did that on my parents street, he would always let his dogs run around off the lead. Of course they eventually got run over, and then he would get a new dog and do the same f**king thing. He had I think 3 dogs that died before he stopped doing it only retarded dogs that aren't trained run in front of cars. if he had dogs that aren't dumb then they wouldn't be dead.
  17. Debt Collection (personal)

    haha not joking, her dad was drunk going nuts or something, and the cops came and it ended up on the show. i don't have a copy but i'll try to find out which episode it is so i can find it haha
  18. Debt Collection (personal)

    funny story, my girls mum (the one owing me money) has already been on an episode hahaha
  19. Debt Collection (personal)

    LA. to continue on with this thread, the missus returned to America, her mother now lives in Pasadena, she lived in San Pedro previously (where i lived, so i know my way around the place). for those that don't know, Pasadena is literally on the other side of LA from Pedro. she is one of those people that thinks that ignoring something makes it go away, sorry bitch, you can't hide from me. i will be back in Cali in Feb next year for a riding trip, the extra spending money i get from her after i beat her door down will come in handy.
  20. things that annoy you

    spelling a word wrong on purpose on an iphone, then the iphone saving the misspelled version, so everytime you write it the correct way it changes it to the misspelled version. yeah apple, you're killing it. can't wait to change to android.
  21. had a girl over to my house probably around the end of last year, brought her sister for some reason. she ended up giving me a porn star style gobbie, choking, spitting etc, all while her sister was laying on the end of my bed. would have got the sister involved but i knew beforehand that her hands were covered in warts, so i wasn't going there. i guess they like to keep it in the family.
  22. Driving track cars on permits

    let's get it clear, you wont 'lose' demerit points for anything.
  23. regretted it until i owned a GT-R. now my life wont be complete until i own another one.