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  1. 1994 Nissan GQ patrol Forged/built RB25 Neo motor 185rwkw Car/suspension - 1994 GQ patrol originally RB30 carby/LPG 3 Inch TJM lift kit and steering dampner 5x New 33 inch mud claw radials on new 15x8 dynamic wheels Extended brake lines Tough dog adjustable panhard bars 70L long range tank Bent rear upper control arm (to clear fuel tank due to lift) New Nolathane bushes all over extended swaybar links UHF radio Spotlights Steel winch bar (no winch fitted) Tow bar 3 months rego Custom Air con refit, recently done and regassed No major dents Paint is average as to be expected from an old 4x4 I have a book the size of the white pages full of receipts from the previous owner (original owner) Engine and driveline- RB25det neo motor with S1 rb25 intake manifold Rebuilt and forged by Lewis engines (30,000ish kms ago) See pics for details of rebuild HybridNZ highmount steampipe manifold Turbosmart 38mm Pro-gate External wastegate with supertrapp muffler on downpipe Kinugawa TD05 18g 8cm turbo Brand new installed (25/3/14) Full wire in Microtech LT12s ecu (roughly 10 wires in the engine bay) Splitfire coilpacks Blitz Electronic boost controller (set at 8psi, 12psi, 14psi and 17psi) Nismo 480cc injectors New Front Mount Intercooler Underbody surge tank with electronic lift pump and Bosch 044 fuel pump Scotts Rods 3 inch exhaust with oval centre muffler Brand new NPC 10 inch carbotic clutch and machined flywheel (20/3/14) Snorkel with Inline air filter GK tech viscous fan New radiator shroud New radiator overflow bottle Plenty more that i cant think of off top of my head. This car is driven daily and was built for reliability and usability. All wiring and tuning has been done by Jaustech, was previously running a TD06 20g turbo that may still be available with the sale for the right price. over $3000 in receipts for work done by Jaustech. makes 8psi at 2000rpm and 17psi by 2600rpm producing 185rwkw on the 33 inch tyres. I have built this car over the last 9 months from a completely stock standard RB30 to what it is today, most parts being brand new. I still have the original RB30 motor which is stripped down ready for a build and a spare RB25 head to build as a spare motor. currently owes me over $15,000 just for the conversion. Im not a dreamer but i dont want to see it go for nothing, im asking $12,500 but will consider offers close to that for a quick sale Dont make silly offers i wont reply, no test drives until a deposit is paid. No swaps, selling to buy a house A few of these pics are older with old engine configurations Contact me on 0420492962
  2. Price : $9 Condition : Used hey im selling the parts out of my sr20det cefiro: BC coilovers suit s13 etc, camber, damper and base height adjustable well under 5000kms use - $1000 Nismo 550cc injectors - $350 S15 T28bb turbo no play mint condition with braided lines and speedflow fittings to suit - $400 Nistune SR20det redtop ECU tuned for 190kw running T28bb, Z32 afm, 550 injectors at jaustech - $400 Z32 AFM with plug - $150 Kelway steampipe manifold - $400 S13 Castor rod "Power brace" - $50 S13 SR front brake rotors, brake calipers and hubs - $150 R33 LCAS ball joints average - $100 S13 LCAS ball joints stuffed - $50 A31 Cefiro aftermarket front sway bar - $50 A31 cefiro aftermarket rear sway bar - $50 S13 JIC rear camber arms - $100 S13 JIC traction arms - $100 6 Bolt welded diff 4:3 ratio - $50 A31 rear subframe - $50 A31 catback exhaust with hi flow cat, hot dog muffler to cannon at rear, nice note and not too loud - $100 A31 cefiro tailshaft - $50 Bosch 040 fuel pump - $100 Willans wrap around style harness - $50 Heaps of things ive forgotten, if your after anything just ask most prices negotiable but dont make a stupid off straight off the bat or i wont reply 0420492962
  3. ive got everything sorted to get the motor in, the wiring is the only thing im unsure about and its a track car so speedo wont be needed
  4. hey guys im doing an sr20 conversion in my cefiro. after looking around at how to do wiring i cant find the answer im looking for. i got onto a bloke in NZ that said he cut his RB20 interior plugs off his loom and cut his sr interior plug then joined them onto his SR20 interior plug (matching colours im assuming???) but i have now lost contact with him and have no answer to my question now. if anyone could help that would be great! in the pics attatched it shows which plugs i am talking about. Red - RB loom (plugs im guessing would be cut and joined into sr loom) Green - SR loom (has a few wires that match the colour on the rb plugs) Blue - SR loom (has a lot of wires that run through it, not sure if this is modified or stays as is) from what i can see the red and green circles plugs are what i would need to cut and join but all the wires are not the same, only about 5 out of 9 or 10. anyone that knows anything about this or can suggest an easier way im all ears.
  5. mallala drift prac

    had an awesome night out in the ceffy, ran some sick tandems, hit some shit and cost f**k all with the wet conditions does anyone know who was out taking pics?
  6. Diff Locker

    really doesn't matter. shim or weld the f**ker it does matter, you cant weld a VLSD... shim it or find a non turbo diff centre (open wheel) and weld that.
  7. 11th june drift prac

    heres some pics like the page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Picture_Perfect/102661476468842
  8. 11th june drift prac

    had so much fun out there last night, was so good doing tandems with some of the more experienced guys, learnt so much following duca for a session too got a mate that was at the end of the esses taking pics for the last half of the night he will put a link up when there uploaded
  9. 11th june drift prac

    *like* Let's get it on
  10. 11th june drift prac

    hopefully ill be out after 6 months with some big upgrades on the 33
  11. speak to daniel kitto (add him on fb or something) he has wired up a few cars for me and a few for some mates too and does a great job very cheap. To wire an rb30 into my bluebird was $400
  12. where was that? i had my old hilux surf bogged at torrens in stuff that looks like that, got a gq patrol, a pajero, and an f250 bogged trying to get me out. had to use about 4 lengths of 200 metres of rope and get pulled from 200 metres away just to stay out of the soft shit also my mate got his hilux bogged pretty good out at torrens this weekend too
  13. Petrol increase

    No. No one says 'tym'. Get f**ked ya little bitch, f**k off back to OZVR4.com n yes it does SUX2BU fight to the death...

  15. you think this only happens in imports? wake up, police target any modified cars be it holdens, fords or imports and even if the amount of hoon driving was minimalised these cars would still be targeted because people modify them illegally.