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  1. Xris you have done a awesome job! Clean as f**k in the photo's I can only imagine what it's like in person:drool: + the build thread is better then porn:silly: Moarr picss! Must be itching to give her a good smashing lol all in good time now drive drive drive AnotherS15 thanks for comment^_^ your 180 is nice as very Phat indeed, love your wheels mate:thumbsup: Never seen your car around before, future plans for her? Iphone pics yo
  2. Humming sound in CBD

    Must be like those Shu roo/Roo Shoo/Roo shu's but for bats, Shu Batty alarm..interesting.
  3. Camerons defitnately!, if your on the southside! , Northside- Perfection Bodyworks 3396 6676 seen nothing but goodness come out from there! Its in Wynnum Central if that helps~

    mad plates! seen on gowan rd, Was driving black 180
  5. Radiator Bracket

    I have just bought a new radiator for my 180sx but the old brackets are different? As you can see in the link that I have only got zip-ties supporting it.. . I can only think of custom or fabricated bracket made but where? and how much? Any help and suggestions would be appreciated. http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w164/la...nk/P1040549.jpg http://i176.photobucket.com/albums/w164/la...nk/P1040547.jpg