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  1. Pivot sleepy eye controller For all your lazy eye needs. No user manual with unit. Price $160 Ono Waterloo, Sydney Reach me on 0467726666. Thanks! IMAGE: https://drive.google...iew?usp=sharing
  2. documentary junkie?

    http://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/video/2183706875/Once-Upon-A-Time-In-Cabramatta-Ep1 Was just on TV tonight, pretty good watch.
  3. Show me your stickers!

    ^ Nooo you covered Pedobear. That would have been the stand out, lol.
  4. Back in high school, dude said he inherited 90 mil from his his father who was an FBI agent back in the states He wouldn't have been able to take it out of the bank because he wasn't a 'legal adult' yet. Anywho his father was a top notch FBI agent and he was the next prodigy, they specially contacted him and asked him to join the force but he declined because he had a lustrous professional tennis career ahead of him. Other stuff he said...He had a Porsche sitting in the garage under his flat...His then girlfriend actually believed all that crap (herp derp) and when everyone told her to open up her f**king eyes, she decided to leave him and he gave her some story about how he has a heart condition and will only have a few months left. She believed him and they stayed together for another year HAHA! Anyway, I don't hold anything against this guy, I just find his stories so fking hilarious. I'm sure he has changed his ways now, just like most people grow out of stupidity once they get older.
  5. Battlefield 3

    http://www.amazon.com/Electronic-Arts-40834ttlefield-32-Battlefield/dp/B005WWZUQ0/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1324863082&sr=8-4#productPromotions BF3 for 35 bucks on amazon? It says US only but its an electronic file so I'm sure you can put in a random address in the US with just your real email. Anyway I'm going to put my friend's address down just to be safe.
  6. I just got a call the other day asking if I wanted to transfer to voda for free, finishing off the same contract and unlocking my iphone plus my 50 dollar cap which gave me $350 worth of calls got shot up to $500. I think they're shifting everyone to voda now but I sure as hell wont be sticking with them once my contract ends. Coverage is so shit.
  7. ^^^^^ I'm also interested, got the car up and the front left was wobbling. Anyone have any idea on labor costs? 180sx, 5 stud.
  8. 180sx radiator for an sr20, front guards for a 180sx also? 2166
  9. Vertex Body Kit

    http://www.hardtuned.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=487754 Dirt cheap! GOGOGO!
  10. JAPAN

    Wow, still finding the bright side out of a very dark moment. The rest of the world could learn a thing or two from the Japanese!
  11. Yeah the pressure can kill you. Triggered by a chemical reaction between 2 liquids I think. One enough force is applied a solution is mixed and a chemical reaction formed to inflate the airbag almost instantly. Takes milliseconds. Learnt about this in high school science lmfao, a while ago.
  12. 180sx Pods + Valance

    Fiberglass for more than 200? Someone was selling a copy for 150. Jus' sayin'.