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  1. ----- WHEELS ------

    Looking for new or second hand wheels at this size: 17x8 +5 to +10 and 17x9 +15 to +20 or 17x9 +15 to +20 and 17x10 +25 to +30 (pcd 4x114.3) If you will find, let me know please. phisthand_dog_gmail.com
  2. Please help to find wheels

    who will give more wheel brand?
  3. Please help to find wheels

    There is no weds wheels with pcd 4x114.3 ( Volk RE30 - R17 J8.5 ET30 Volk GT-C - R17 J8 ET 16 / J9 ET 28 Gram Lights 57S-Pro - R17 J8 ET9 / J9 ET 25 to -3 Gram Lights 57Pro - R17 J8 ET 5 / J9 ET 30 to -7 Gram Lights 57 Maximum-Pro - R17 J8 ET 12 to 4 / J9 ET 27 to 4 Work Emotion XD9 - R17 J8.5 ET25 Work Emotion XT7 - R17 J8 ET25 5zigen FN01R-C - R17 J8 ET35 / J9 ET20 5zigen Proracer - R17 J8 ET 25 / J9 ET27 ..... somethink like this can you do for me, for all members?
  4. Please help to find wheels

    xris, thanks for link, throughout several years many people from Ukraine and Russia at that auction buy to themselves part of JDM For good search I need to know what wheels must be searching... Today I already looked through auction. On it at me 20 minutes have left. I have not found suitable wheels, that is have wasted time in vain. If I knew exact model then search would occupy from me 1 minute. Do you understand what I meen? To catch a suitable prize and thus not to look through yahoo 24 hours a day, I need to know exact model of wheels and brand... Also I could search for wheels in google, on various forums and Internet shops. I wish to buy beautiful, easy (light) wheels, with correct offset + Grenade GX - 01 R17 J8.5 ET +15 to +30 and R17 J9 ET +15 to +30 (pcd 4x114.3) + ...
  5. Please help to find wheels

    Niclol, you are absolutely right, but I have 4-lug (4 stud)
  6. Please help to find wheels

    No, I am not. Has revised, probably, hundred different sites in search of the necessary size. Among close to the set parametres to wheels has found only SSR SP1. The help is really necessary to me and I search for it among proprietors Nissan 200sx s13 which have already passed through it and know what wheels it is necessary to look. You have told that there are hundreds wheels with such sizes? My opinion is that that if the person cannot confirm the words then its words means nothing. Name some disks, please, if to you it is not difficult. I have the budget in 1000-1500 USD
  7. I need to buy some nice wheels for my nissan 200sx. Tell me please what wheels can I get with thouse size 17x8 +5 to +10 and 17x9 +15 to +20 or 17x9 +15 to +20 and 17x10 +25 to +30 pcd 4x114.3 Can`t find it...

    NS.com Thug, my respect to you could you also to continue the list of producers wheels? Koya/Work Emotion doesn`t produce wheels with thouse size... 17x8 +5 to +10 and 17x9 +15 to +20 17x9 +15 to +20 and 17x10 +25 to +30 blibgcommander, sorry for my bad english

    o.k. man, Rota is a dung. Thanks for the information - I have accepted to reflexion. Lenso D1.. ... I don`t find this wheel on lensowheel.com and wheelsweight.net or others site, how many they weigh? Whether there are they of the size necessary to me (pcd 4x114.3)? I would buy them... Where can I find him?

    how about Rota P-45R ? It will cost near 800$ 17x9 pcd 4x114.3 ET +25 17x9.5 pcd 4x114.3 ET +12/+30 and this one lenso? GTR 17x7 pcd 4x114.3 ET +25/+35+40 - not enough for correct offset... in addition, all of Lenso wheels by R17 are too narrow - J7 is I already have tires - 3 complete sets (R17 225-235 etc) and wan`t change wheels - my Gram Lights are dislike... Please tell my what wheels else can I use 1000 dollars USA

    the top pic you have posted would have closer to the professor sizes 17x8.5 +5 and 17x9.5 +18 big thanks for you, man can you also tell what else wheels are possible under such approached sizes? I have found only Volk and SSR, but they very expensive... It would be desirable to buy somewhere for 1000$...

    I found only several wheels, they are volk GT-C (pcd 4x114.3) R17 J8 ET +16 - front R17 J9 ET +28 - rear SSR SP1 Professor (pcd 4x114.3) R17 J8.5 +18/+5 - front R17 J9 +24 & J9.5 +30/+18 - rear what else? please help I wan`t to get correct wheels with out thread spacers

    Hello from Europe Please help my MODEL OF CAR? Nissan 200sx (s13) - Europe CAR’S PURPOSE? Street daily, drift daily, have fan daily DESIRED CAMBER FRONT AND REAR (IF KNOWN)? I don`t know, please help. Now there is stock camber +/- 1 SUSPENSION MODS OR PLANS? Now there is Jic magic coilovers on my ride DESIRED LEVEL OF GUARD WORK? I don`t know. Sufficient level STRETCHED TYRES OR NOT? Ugu DESIRED WHEEL WIDTHS? 8/9 front and 8/10.5 rear DESIRED TYRE WIDTHS (IF KNOWN)? I don`t know, stretched DESIRED WHEEL SIZE? R17 OTHER IMPORTANT NOTES? Stock brake system (aftermarket from brembo instaled) I don`t know what wheels can I use in my Nissan. There is pcd 4x114.3 . I will be very grateful if you also write which wheels can be established. I would not like to establish wide arches +30мм or +50. Very much it to be pleasant to me stocklook and I at all would not wish to unroll an arch, but I will go on it to receive about the following some think like this (fantastic offset by front wheels - need get them to rear): This is how look my ride now: Now there is an educational car for all drifters our city and I wan`t to take it for my and do some styling: to recolour, to establish some carbon fiber hoods with bores for ventilation, to establish the beautiful wheels approaching under these "body kit" etc, in general to get some jdm look Thank you