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  1. Another dumb Seat thread. Forgive.

    I have put R33 GTR seats in my skyline R33 instead of the factory seats. Yes it does sit noticeably lower. The GTR seats have only back adjustment angle, no arse adjustment. Seats came with stock GTR rails and they bolted straight in. My S14 needed new race seats. I brought the Autotechnica Drift seats and some blank generic rails autotechnica bracnd as well. Seat itself was ADR okay. This would no way fit the factory S14 seat rails. I bolted the autotechnica generic rails to the base of the new seat using high tensile bolts. I then had to fabricate my own custom seat mounts to fit to the floor of the car and to the bottom of the generic seat rails on the new seat. I made these out of of 5mm flat plate and 3 mm plate. I also had to fabricate a mount for the seat belt latch as this was part of the original OEM seat base. I bolted the new drift seats with generic rails to my new seat mounts using high tensile bolts again. Head clearance is good for me with a helmet on. lower than stock. There is a bit of rooting around when you want to put a different seat in a car. I wanted to make the seats still adjustable to suit different people so i used the slider rails. If your the only person to drive the car, you can make it a fixed mount setup which will lower your seat more again.
  2. Think u will find it works good with a heat gun. Soften the vinyl then stretch to shape the holes.
  3. Awesome. glad it worked out for you.
  4. Hey Mate, Ok i think i see what your problem is. the guy u got the car from would have modified the ecu plug pins to suit the power fc. Alternatively he might have swapped out the whole ecu loom for a japanese s14a version ecu loom. I think you might find that he has just changed the pins around. The problem is that the Apexi Power FC seems to only come in a verison that suits the JDM version of the S14a. For some crazy reason nissan decided to change the pin layout for the ADM version of the car, possibly to anoy us or perhaps for some sick joke they wanted to play on us. i have just recently been playing around with ECU's and had this same issue. if you have a stock s14a, australian delivered, sr20det, then a modified nistune ecu (adm type) will plug right in and work fine (once tuned) assuming you have stock unmodifed ecu wiring. Since yours has been changed to a Power FC in the past, you will need to return the pinouts on the ecu plug back to their stock ADM locations. This will be for the fuel pump relay output and crank angle sensor polarity. See my topic that i created on this to change from stock ecu to power fc. you will basically just need to do the reverse of this to return it back to stock. see the ecu pinout diagrams for help. i only had to move one pin on the ecu plug and two pins on the CAS unit on the motor. http://www.nissansilvia.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=459974
  5. Did you change the ECU to an aftermarket unit? If you go a power FC then you will need to change the fuel pump wiring on the ecu plug. if you are using a JDM oem ecu on a ADM ecu car then the fuel pump pins most likely are not in the right place. As mentioned. check the ecu pin output is working, then move to the fuse and relay etc.
  6. No problems. I just wanted to make it super clear for anyone else as I spent a number of hours researching online to understand it.
  7. Hey guys, I just wanted to add my experiences with installing one of these ECU's into my car. I just wanted to add to the information already on NS to help anyone having issues getting these to work on their car. Attached is a PDF of how I did this and got it to work. Installation of an Apexi Power FC S14a ECU into a Nissan 200sx.pdf
  8. DIY stiffer engine mounts

    Just get nismo mounts or hardrace ones. i got hardrace engine mounts and nismo gb mount. the car shakes like hell now. glad i didnt do solid.
  9. nistune problem

    You need to really get on to nistune on your laptop and download the maps from the ecu. it might not actually have anything on it at all. check the correct z32 afm is selected. Check what the k constant value is. stock is around 33,000. i resized my afm and injectors and it changed to 24,000 or something. The cranking maps might need to be tweeked too.
  10. S12 n/a streeter & S14a track car

    Looks pretty good man.
  11. S14 Tachometer died

    I think there is a difference in the wiring on the clusters. You might have to follow the circuits on the back of the cluster and check that it matches the same pinout as your original one etc. You can always pull the pins out of the plug and swap it around where needed. So trace from the tacho gauge signal input terminal on the cluster, back thru the wiring circuit to the pin connector it goes to. Match that to the plug and make sure its the right wire colour etc for your model car. My tacho had a common +ve and a common -ve with the other gauges. Then a third terminal that was the signal input. There may be a 4th terminal which could be the lighting, which will also be wired in common with the other illumination lights.
  12. S14 Tachometer died

    I got one with working tacho that i can sell.
  13. S14 Tachometer died

    I had this problem on mine a few yrs ago. needle was bouncing around then just died. I just swapped out the tacho with one from another cluster and it worked again. I suggest borrowing one from a friend and testing that first. Just for info. The tacho signal from the ecu is 0-5 volt pulses i believe. I just recently installed a new autometer tacho with my new dash and i had to get a tacho adapter to put in to get it to work.
  14. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Non padded center of the steering wheel. WTF Pretty sure my stock skyline center is not even padded. The horn is in the center and airbag. Cover made of plastic. They dont really have a clue about anything do they?
  15. blingys SR20 R33 4 Door. quick build before matsuri

    Sounds like its coming together. I'm still struggling to get all mine done. I will have to miss matsuri and try for calder park.