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  1. Dead S15

    I would think that its more safe to turn her on every few days for about 5 mins or so just to keep it lubricated and minimize the amount of dirt coming back up
  2. Chick From Vic!

    Heys! Im from vic too (west side) and i also have a series 1 s14 nice to meet you though might see you around sometime
  3. Boy Vs Family

    Well my family does that to my partner as well. they're suggest what he should do with his life. but he generally just ignores it. thats what hes good at. = ( but honestly i think that when someone comes to another persons house they should show some respect and say hi to the elders in the house thats how i've been raised and everytime i go to someone else's house i would say hi to their parents. personally i think he is over reacting and that all your family wants is for you to be happy and be able to have a partner that is stable and reliable.
  4. Boy Vs Family

    yeah tell me about it they're always so difficult you tell them time and time again how you feel and yet they still manage to hurt us over and over again over the same thing. but i guess at the end of the day you have to think of why that person makes you happy and if its worth staying with that person.
  5. Boy Vs Family

    talk to him and meet in the middle if he loves you he will do his best to do what will make you happy he wont want you to be sad. nothing is as important as your family. boys will come and go only the right one will stay. if hes willing to compromise and treat you right even if that means going to meet your family. your family will see it and will also do the same and try to get along with him for your sake even if they don't like him. but at the end its up to your bf to decide wether hes gunna take it like a man and be mature or not.
  6. What do you do?

    Currently im unemployed because telstra offshored my department overseas. but im currently studying biomed and next year i'll be studying medical radiation and in a few years time i will be working with xrays = )
  7. front coilovers

    yeah i know its so hard to find. i was thinking of going to isc but i don't really know much about that brand. so im not sure what im gunna do in terms of the front coils yet.

    my thoughts are if you really want a s15, do you want it stock or do yoiu want to mod it? if you want to mod it save your pennies and wait till you get the car you want and then lash out, I have nearly spent what i paid for it but im keeping it till it or myself dies, which ever happens first, hopefully neither cause i love driving it, and to the question on drivability, well at 17 psi boost it is only tuned to 300hp but it has 678nm of torque and on a stock clutch i have to be gentle, but its still fun. when i get a heavy duty clutch i am going to fully tune it to 25 psi boost and hopefully get 400 horses out of it. since the rebuild it has never seen a power run on the dyno so its going to be interesting. damnn thats a lot of power that your going to be running. and i agree having power is fun. i think i will save up all my money and slurge out when i get the s15.
  9. front coilovers

    heys. how frustrating is it that its so hard to find front coilovers. esp for s14/s15 and esp doesnt cost over 1k. and is it just me? or does it happen to everyone that all the other sections like the suspension and wheels sections don't work?

    dayammmm.. thats a long list. well heaps longer than mine. is it comfy to drive a car with that much power as a day to day? but i agree its never too much with mods its like shoes. i've only done normal mods that every one does. fmic, pod after market caster rods turbo rebuild manifold and coils still trying to find front coils though. but im comtemplating whether i should continue to keep doing up my s14 or save some money and wait till i get an s15 and then go nuts with that.
  11. Hey guys, just wondering if the stock s15 exhaust system will on a series 1 s14? i need to know to clear an epa notice. thanks
  12. Rebuilding a T28

    i just rebuilt my t28bb, i was having pretty much the same problem, once in a while it would blow some smoke, when i took it to my mech i ended up getting the whole thing rebuilt. generally when the oil seal goes it will kill your shafts as well. and with the cost of rebuilding the turbo with labour you might as well get a 71r.
  13. It's official - N95 worst phone ever

    it's probably because you might have the same name saved twice as well. i have the n95 as well. and its the 1st edn one, and i've never had any problems. and once one of my number was duplicated somehow and thats the only time that the senders number was showing instead of the senders name.
  14. Which BOV would you choose?

    flutters is the way to go, but is bov to be fitted would be the hks. nice sound and sounds tuff
  15. i use the ryco ones on my cae, no problems so far. but i would like to try the nissan one, do i just get one from autobarn? or do i have to go to a nissan dealer?