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  1. Perfect 180sx Parcel Shelf - $20

    I'll grab it off ya. PM'd you
  2. s13 Braided brake line lengths

    Just measured mine, haven't installed yet. They're hel ones bought from cartel. Fronts measure 590mm including the fittings. (with the female nut pushed back, so the two of the line not the nut.) The rears I got 2 different measurements, prob a Friday job. Lol 370mm and 375mm
  3. T28BB on 180sx exhaust issue

    Theres a crack in the collector on my std mani. lol. Not bad..it is cast iron.. Might get a price on how much to get a dump made up. I'd rather wack the old std mani on then to buy a dump + front pipe ($$). Least i can run a heat shield
  4. T28BB on 180sx exhaust issue

    What you do to solve the problem?
  5. T28BB on 180sx exhaust issue

    Thanks for the reply The s14/15 use a larger o2 sensor right? So i'll have to get the bigger one..? Is the plug the same? What front pipe did you use? Pretty pricey for a dump..haha (i looked at shift before you mentioned, work close by to them) Might see if my local shop can knock me up something..only problem is gettin the car there lol
  6. T28BB on 180sx exhaust issue

    pur40m What front pipe do you use? the tomei dump you bought is for which car? i.e, if i buy a s14/15 dump, what front pipe would i need? I'm thinking off taking my one piece dump/front to my local exhaust shop (carline mufflers) and seeing if they could cut the flange off, heat the pipe, twist / re weld flange at the correct angle. Edit: When searching earlier found one guy who claimed you need to rotate housing so the oil drain points down so it will flow. Is that true? o.0 Its at a slight angle..I dont see it being an issue?
  7. T28BB on 180sx exhaust issue

    Thanks for the reply guys. I managed to get a stock S15 bump pipe off a friend. It fits fine. Though it is close to the bellhousing. (standard exhaust piping size. 2in?) How much is the tomei dump? and where did you buy it? Was it a s14 one? AFAIK S13/S14/S15 dumps are all the same. Its the front pipes that are different? Because of the gearbox? Rotate housing for which hoses? I cut/rotated/welded my S13 intake snout. Planning on using the S13 turbo outlet(use a 45 silicone bend into intercooler) If you could rotate just the rear housing independently to the manifold inlet it would be awesome haha Not quite sure what you mean? The bottom right hole? (closest to the gearbox?)
  8. Hey Been trying to search and haven't found any one else to have this problem. Basically im doing a t25 > T28BB conversion (done 1000s of times before) When i went to mount my old exhaust back up (dump and front in one combo) it was fowling on the gearbox. The pipe needs to be rotated clockwise(looking at the turbo exhaust outlet). The flange seemed to line up, as 2 studs slipped in, but couldn't go any further due the exhaust pipe hitting the gearbox. I also changed my manifold at the same time(second hand). Came off as S13 afaik. Could it be the new manifold changed the position / angle of the turbo? As far as i know all aftermarket manifolds for sr20det are the same? Any one seem to have this problem before?? Regards, Ash
  9. New Battery?

    I have a 330 CCA battery. Didn't start car via battery in over 8-10 months..Battery dropped down to ~6.2 Volts Charged battery for 1 week, battery holds 13V+ now. Starts everytime now lol
  10. Need to borrow a 180sx front bar

    Bit late, but still need one?
  11. I know a place in Mt Druitt. 9832 0133, Bektas bodycraft He's done some oxy'ing for me and fitted a mate's aftermarket front bar on his skyline. Always at least 3 S chassis cars there. Very well priced, honest guy
  12. venting your coil packs on sr

    Die electric grease
  13. domokun

    I have a YOUR HONDA SUCKS sticker, yet to put it on though..
  14. Tein Flex / Blitz ZZ-R - Opinions? 180sx

    Original post edited, didnt want to start a new thread
  15. Tein Flex / Blitz ZZ-R - Opinions? 180sx

    Might jump onto the BC band wagon.. BC BR's vs Blitz ZZ-R ? Both specs seem the same.. Slightly off topic, the inverted series by BC, have a smaller piston dia. I dno much about inverted other than its supposed to help with unsprung weight..whats with the smaller diameter? It states '42mm Race use only'