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  1. Nismo S14 5speed short shifter !NEW!

    As posted this is for the 5speed It will not work in a 6 Speed
  2. Nismo S14 5speed short shifter !NEW!

  3. Nismo S15 cluster For sale

  4. Nismo S15 cluster For sale

    Free postage aswell
  5. (WTB) S15 Silvia (Steering wheel)

    I have a bran new JDM S15 wheel for sale if your interested?
  6. Nismo S15 cluster For sale

    will sell for $400 30,000km on the clock
  7. Nismo S14 5speed short shifter !NEW!

    For sale new S14 5speed short shifter $100
  8. Nismo S15 cluster For sale

    Selling my Nismo S15 cluster $400 0448752463
  9. NEW! S15 JDM Steering Wheel $350

    For Sale NEW S15 JDM leather steering wheel air bag not included never used $350 Contact Michael 0448752463
  10. S15 or R34 fuel pump wires

    I have S15 fuel pump and assembly down the shed me know if ya interested still
  11. S15 brake line bracket

    Well I can confirm that ya the same bracket it's just upside down
  12. S15 brake line bracket

    Here's a pic of the strut i removed. This had no trouble when initially installed so I'm assuming that it was identical to the oem strut that it replaced years ago. But when I went to mount the recent one the bracket was upside down. I know the S15 and 14 are interchangeable but are everyone just wedging these brackets on without installing it in the proper position. Notice how the flat section is towards the bottom of the strut, The unit i installed has this on the top as if it was turned around 180 degrees i could try and rotate the hose but id have to bleed it as it might release air in the system. i was in hurry to get this done so might try and do it some time later. but i just found this very strange that it was the other way around. The unit ya looking at as a Nismo S-Tune front right hand strut for S15. the strut i bought off eBay was supposedly a S15 strut
  13. S15 brake line bracket

    Anyone know if the S15 has the same brake line bracket on the front strut as the S14 i bought a set of supposedly S15 front struts and the brake line bracket is upside down
  14. Cruise Control - S15

    What brand is it ?
  15. S15 and s14 differences

    Yeh thanks Had a guy in the USA saying that fitting a set of s14 struts will make it sit higher. He has a set if bilstines for a s14 going cheep. But he was warning me that the s14 has a higher spring position and it will make a s15 sit higher. Don't know why would say this being his trying to sell it ?