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  1. East Coast Bash 2010

    I'll be attending this event today, and be taking some pics with my shitty point and shoot camera. I'll post up pics when I get back home sometime tonight. A friend of mine will also be taking photos for OMGDrift.com as well and I'll put a link up to his stuff as soon as its on the site.
  2. Forza 3 on 360

    I'm an avid Forza 3 player, and I'm always looking for more people to drift with. I'm from America(GMT -5/EST), and I'm normally on more late at night (till 2am my time). Also, I'm the guy who painted loz's car in Forza 3 as well, so if you guys want, send me a friend request with a message with your ns.com username, and I'll send you the nissansilvia.com logo for free. My gamertag is DMTR Fallen.
  3. Forza Motorsport 3 NissanSilvia.com car

    @Jay: All of the base paint, and the logos are done with basic shapes, like squares, circles and such. If I had a digital camera, I would show the progress of the car coming together piece by piece. <BR><BR>I do wish I could have bought the real car, when Loz had it for sale a while back, but I was 15k short, and theres no way that the car would have been street legal for me (New Jersey, USA has shitty import laws). I love this car, one of the most badass Silvias I've ever seen. <BR><BR>But I'm glad you guys like it! Thanks for the feedback
  4. Hello there, I'm still a new poster to this site, but I've been lurking for ages, looking at all the Silvias posted on this site, as inspiration for my digital drifting addiction in Forza Motorsport 3 (Too broke to afford a real Silvia . Awhile back, I posted a thread about a Forza 2 recreation of Loz's famed S14.5. Well I'm back again with a new game, and Loz's car again in all its digital glory, recreated with every possible detail I could manage. Forza 2 based car: http://nissansilvia....l=&fromsearch=1 Forza 3 car: The paint is on a Silvia S15, because A) I love the S15, and theres no front end swaps in Forza. For those who play Forza 3, this car is available on my StoreFront for 10,000 CR. Bodykit is a full INGS kit, with IForged Astra wheels, because there are no Volk GT-Cs in the game. To find this car, just search my gamertag on XBox, DMTR Fallen. The cars livery was made with basic shapes and gradients to acheve the look of its real life counterpart. Hope you guys like it!
  5. Need For Speed Undercover

    Oh man this game was terrible. They added nothing new to the game, except for 5 cars... Frame rate was soo bad, that while racing my game lagged so hard that it caused my xbox to freeze. Story was way too short, beat the game in about 8 hours. I'm just gonna finish off all the achevements, then return this game to Gamestop... not worth $60
  6. I wish I could... I don't have the funds for this car, but I'll have it forever in Forza!
  7. PM'ed Loz. Thank you everyone for the great feedback on the car. I will continue to work on the car, to get it 100% perfect. And I'll keep looking forward for the new project car so I can paint that as well
  8. New updated pics in first post.
  9. Ah I see Loz did make his car. Well he can still have mine if he pleases, just adding a few more touches to the car. I can probably switch everything over to an S14 if anybody pleases, I would need to get everything fitted properly. Touch-Up Details: Parts Finished Rhemac logo added to bonnet New carbon detail on bonnet Works in Progress: Changing body color to better match the Gold of actual car Offical number plate for the rear Toyo Drift Series window banner I do need a picture of the logo on the front fender, the logo with the turbo and the flames coming out of it. I can't make out what it says because its reversed, and the font is kinda weird. If anyone can get me a pic of that, it would be greatly apperacated, and if you play forza, you'll get a copy of the car as well. In the process of taking new pictures, prob get them done tomorrow. Thank you for the welcome and the good feedback.
  10. This car was painted with all the basic shapes and gradients, and took 9 hours total. Nothing was modded into the game at all. All decals were hand-made by myself. I have new pics of the car, I just can't post them at the moment as I'm at work. I'm also hoping that Loz can give me some details about the old cars set-up cause I want to make a replica tune of the car as well. Plus I want pics of the new project car, so I can paint it as well.
  11. Hello there, I'm a new member to this site, but I've been viewing it for quite some time now. I came across this site while looking up pictures of S15, and the S14.5 for this website came up. I saw this car and fell in love with it. So I decided to paint in in Forza Motorsport 2 on XBox360. Here are some pics of the car. These are the only pics I've taken of this car, and it has since been redone. If anyone here likes the paint, you can add me on XBL. GT - DMTR Fallen Loz, if you play Xbox at all, and have Forza 2, I'll give you this car for free *Updated Pics*