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  1. After watching all that i still know im more worried about the hyuandai Getz speeding past me on the roads than a modded car with performance. Thinking we have a new threat in our mist, the carbi air filter killer. The fat hawaiian needs subway & get a better day job than cleaning pools. ACA just supported the weak people of society whinging, still no common sense from cops. All they want is to fine people for what ever bullshit standard the government puts out. The motor bike maybe the way to go
  2. The new years resolution thread...

    My new years reso. Have sex 4 times a week insted of 3 times & learn the guitar.
  3. Yeah i got simular set up. 680cc injectors, manifolds ect & the T28bb turbo. I made 200kw at 15.7psi power fc. only use 67% of duty cycle, spools at 1600rpm so absolutely no lag. all safe tune. you will need something better than stock clutch. still get around 400-450km on a full tank for daily drive. Its practicle for every day drive & you can clutch kick it in second if you want some fun. very torquey down low with this set up.
  4. S15 spec r gt blown head

    Just check if the timing chain isn't stretched. 100k on the motor is usaully when the timing is out & people advance the timing. Best not to bounce off the rev limiter in Sr20det. I actually had this problem & the chain guide snapped causing it to run exactly the way you described it. smokey ;D
  5. Girl friend & Nissan 180sx

    LOL thank you for all the responses & no i dont yell at her for stalling my car. I did inform her about how everything works & it was an empty car park so i just let her do laps in first gear making her stop & start till she felt how the car is. 180sx has no lag (T28BB) & its concerning when i teach her beacuse of the acceleration is too much for a beginner. Has stcok differential so its all good except the 6 puck clutch which she got used to very quickly but the main trouble for her is not turning the steering wheel quick enough & learning to slow right down when turning into a car park bay or just turning because she applies the brakes but forgets to disengage the clutch. Its a matter of time when she stop doing everything by what she is told & actually learns to feel the car.Im hoping it wont damage that clutch stalling. But yeah i do driver her every night Full Boost 1 bar
  6. Hello people & animals. any way merry crhistmas to all. Im teaching my girl friend for which i known for 8 months to drive my 180sx because its the only manual we have. I swear to god that shit is scary when your in the passeneger seat & teaching a women to drive a 255hp car for the first time & she doesn't know anything about manual transmision. I had to explain the idea on why we have a 1st gear followed by a 2nd gear & so on. Seriously i get more scared being with her then being with a crazy mate joy riding around the suburbs thinking the whole world is a drift track. Basicly she stalled it a couple of times & im pretty sure it doesn't damage anything but i wanted to check with you people if you can actually damage anything, know what im saying ? The reverse from a parking bay was almost a collision into a tree in a empty parking lot about 25 metres wide Oo.
  7. Sr20det normal knock range ?

    well thx for the responses. i was having a mild heart attack when i saw 77knocks on the controller. I can sleep easy tonite & dream of the Tomei 2.2 stroker crate engine arriving on my door step.
  8. Yo. i have a 180sx Sr20det with 600cc injectros, T28bb, power fc, greddy intercooler ect. I have reconditioned the bottom end with bigger bearings recently about 3 months a go with kings bearings. My car is tuned at 255hp at 16psi. I not sure if its normal but i get a spiked knock reading of 70 knocks around 6.5k rpms sometimes & in hot weather the engine knocks will jump up an extra 20 & usually for cold weather it will only knock around 40 while giving the car shit. Is this normal considering the bottom bearings clearances would of been changed. ?
  9. Aspiring Holden V8 owners

    They aren't really stock but its a match up against some aussie dudes. I mean v8's are fairly slow from factory & the same goes with tuner cars. I sorta look at v8's of having massive potential for hp, but when you take the rb25 or rb26 it just laughs all over v8's & v10's or v12's. Hell even in my 180sx 3 weeks a go with a f**ked engine. i still pulled away from a SS at the lights beating the dude by half a car length.
  10. General set up analysis

    crazy way to test it. might as well turn it up side down
  11. General set up analysis

    nah i wouldn't obviously get a dry sump set up, just being obliging. Is a cool idea still
  12. General set up analysis

    yeah a dry sump would be cool. probly get the oil catch can for a $150 some where as well have an extra 2.5k to spend on parts or what ever suits
  13. General set up analysis

    lol nah im not trollin anything. Yeah i will probly swap for a T28.71r later on. 720cc is just so i cant max the injectors out. will be tuned for 1bar
  14. I found myself a 3rd engine to play with that i bought for 500 bucks. The engine only had a keyhole bent from the harmonic ballancer & needs replacing. So im swapping out the crank with one i have & replacing all the bottom bearings along with the timing chain & changing to a metal chain guide. Engine was compression tested & that all cylinders are 170 over 170 except cylinder 3 which was 165 over 170. Work will be done to the crank before going in. The Set up for this will be the basic pod filter/exhaust system which is already on the car & im using a T28bb turbo. Will be using Power FC & i have a manifold i purchased off a mate. There is a Walbro 255 fuel pump installed.HKS SSQV blow out valve. Greddy Intercooler rs & Greddy Boost controller spec II. Not sure on the size of the injectors but im sure i will just get 720cc injectors. Any opinions you people recommend. I expect atleast 260hp at the wheels or maybe i should change the set up before the engine is dropped in.